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Selling a property without a realtor is become more common amongst homeowners. Yes, there are various strategies, techniques, and selling methods that all work. However, for homeowners in San Diego, CA there is a large price to pay for listing your home on the market and selling it the traditional way with a real estate agent. Commissions cost upwards of 6% of the total sale price of your home. If you’re wondering how to sell my house without a realtor, this guide will provide you with clarity on how the process works. SD House Guys is a professional home buyer that buys houses directly from homeowners in San Diego County, saving them tens of thousands of dollars that they would otherwise pay in realtor commissions.

This ultimate guide reviews the process of selling a house without a realtor in San Diego and why it matters.

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Can I Sell My House Without a Realtor?

The short answer is, yes! Not only in San Diego, but in the entire state of California, it’s possible to sell your house without a realtor involved. The primary job of a real estate job is to market your home for sale, generate interest from buyers, collect offers, help you choose one, and close without any hiccups. For homeowners that already have a buyer in mind, you don’t need a real estate agent. You’ve already completed one of the most laborious parts of the home-selling process. If you’re reading this and want to sell a house without a realtor in San Diego, SD House Guys are here to help.

We buy properties in San Diego CA directly from homeowners like you. There is no real estate agent involved. Our company uses one of the top title companies in San Diego to facilitate the transaction. A title company is used on every single real estate transaction regardless of who is involved. They act as the 3rd party, non-biased entity between the seller (you) and the homebuyer (us). Any paperwork from the real estate sale is given to the title company, also known as an escrow company. They keep both sides of the transaction accountable and protected.

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SD House Guys send our deposit to the title company as well. They hold on to that for you until the close of escrow. Once we close, you receive our deposit which goes towards the total sale price of the home that we pay. We typically close within 21 days or less. If you have thought that I need to sell my house without a realtor because you don’t have enough time, SD House Guys can help. Our quick close and cash offer speed up the process tremendously. You also don’t need to list, market, clean, or repair your property before selling it! Selling your property by owner to a company like SD House Guys is the quickest way to sell a house in San Diego.


Cost to Sell a House Without a Realtor

How much does it cost to sell a house without a realtor? Nothing! Nada! Zip! That’s right. This answer surprises some homeowners. You can sell your property with a real estate agent and save money doing so. Here’s how the math works out:

  • Typically, a realtor charges a 6% commission. 3% goes to the buyer’s agent and 3% goes to the agent helping you sell your house.
  • The average home value in San Diego, California is $968,000. That means you save 6% of that off the bat by selling your house without a realtor. So far, your savings total $58,080.
  • There are closing costs in San Diego that sellers pay when selling a property. These costs range from 1.5% – 2% of the total sale price. That’s an additional $19,360.
  • Total Savings: $77,440

Sell a House Without a Realtor in San Diego
Sell Home Without Realtor in San Diego

Additional savings include any repairs, renovations, or deep cleans that you’d complete if you were listing your home on the market. When working with an agent to do this, it’s normally required to make certain repairs and spruce your place up. These are upfront costs that sellers must pay without having a guaranteed buyer on the other end. Is there a better way?

Benefits of Selling a Home Without an Agent

Does saving $77,440 (or likely more than that) sound appealing? Saving money is a huge benefit of selling a home without a realtor in San Diego. SD House Guys make competitive offers to homeowners. Our goal is to create a win-win scenario every time we connect with a homeowner. If you have thought that I need to sell without a realtor, you will save yourself thousands of dollars. SD House Guys bring years of real estate and home buying experience to the table when working with homeowners in the San Diego area. We help homeowners save thousands of dollars while providing a quick service (under 3 weeks) when buying their house.

Besides saving a ton of cash, you save time when selling without a realtor in San Diego. Listing your property on the market with an agent takes months. There’s no way around that. If your property is in 100% perfect condition before listing it AND you’re able to find a buyer quickly, the process can take 60 days. That is the best-case (rare) scenario. On average, properties sit on the market for 90-120 days before finding the right buyer.

Instead of devoting months of time, effort, and money to the outdated process of selling the traditional way, consider working with SD House Guys. We purchase homes as-is, meaning we don’t require you to make any repairs or clean your property before selling it. You can leave trash or unwanted items in the property.

When we say as-is, we mean it! You can even sell a house with code violations tied to it. If you want to sell a property without a realtor in San Diego, expect to save months of time. SD House Guys close within 21 days or at whatever pace you need. Our closing dates are flexible and we work around your schedule.

Selling a property Without a Realtor in San Diego
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1. No Realtor Commissions

When selling without an agent, you don’t have to pay commissions. Realtor commissions cost sellers 6% of the total sale price. For homeowners that need to sell a house in California, that’s a huge chunk of change. Why not keep that money and put it towards something that you enjoy in life or pass it off to your kids? We’ve seen realtor commissions cost homeowners +$100,000 from the sale of one property. That is insane. For those that have wondered if I should sell without a real estate agent in San Diego, expect to save thousands of dollars by not paying commissions.

2. No Open Houses or Listings

Open houses aren’t enjoyable for anyone except for maybe a few ‘shoppers’ aka tire kickers that come in and take the free granola bars. As a homeowner, hosting open houses is a major pain. If the home is your primary residence, you must schedule a time to be out of the house on weekends. Do you have pets or kids? You’ll have to coordinate a time to make sure they are taken care of and out of the house too. Maybe your home is a rental property? When selling a rental property with tenants on the market, you must coordinate with them to make sure they’re out of the house when the open houses take place. Tenants can sometimes be difficult to work with because they’re likely unhappy being disturbed by homebuyers walking through their units.

3. No Cleaning or Repairs

Another pain that comes along with hosting open houses and listing your property with an agent is preparing your home to be ‘market ready’. This entails cleaning, fixing damages, making repairs, and staging your home. All of these are expenses that the seller (you) pay upfront with no guarantee that the house will sell or that you’ll recoup that money. If you want to avoid these pains and sell a house without an agent in San Diego, contact us today. SD House Guys buy houses regardless of the condition. When we make offers to buy houses, they are guaranteed. Our company doesn’t pursue homes that we know aren’t for us. Avoid the hassles of the traditional real estate model and sell your house without a realtor to SD House Guys.

4. Privacy

Although selling a home can be an exciting time for some, it can also be ridden with anxiety and stress. Placing a for-sale sign in your front yard can be stressful! A for sale sign acts as a giant billboard saying, “come on in, nosey neighbors”. This is unfortunately hard to avoid when placing your home on the market with a real estate agent. It’s all part of ‘marketing’ and will ‘generate more buyers’. Instead, you can sell privately in San Diego to a credible homebuyer like us. SD House Guys make the process quick, quiet, and stress-free. You don’t need to worry about nosey neighbors trouncing through your home.

Selling By Owner in San Diego: What to Expect

After realizing the time and money savings from selling a house by owner in San Diego, the pros usually outweigh the cons. Homeowners save – on average – $77,440 when trying to sell a property without an agent. Part of the reason SD House Guys can close so quickly is that we pay for houses in cash. Instead of dealing with buyers that need to get approved for a mortgage, you will receive a cash offer for your home.

Since cash is liquid, it enables the transaction to be extremely efficient. Buyers that you will deal with if you listed your home on the market would usually be taking out an FHA or conventional loan for the purchase. When you sell without a realtor in San Diego, you alleviate yourself from dealing with banks, mortgages, or loans. A cash buyer, like SD House Guys, buys your home directly from you without needing approval from a lender to take out a loan.

For homeowners dealing with foreclosure in California, we can help. You can avoid foreclosure by selling your property before the sheriff sale auction happens. Our goal is to create win-win situations. Even if you’re behind on loan payments, we can help.

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Sell Without a Realtor to the Right Buyer

How do you know who the right homebuyer is? When you sell a house without a realtor, the responsibility lies with you to determine that.

PRO TIP: Avoid any red flags and trust your gut.

Start by looking at a homebuyer’s reviews. Assuming that they have an online profile, begin reading up on the company. See how they’ve interacted with and helped other homeowners that were in similar situations to you. Things to look for in the reviews and online profiles of a homebuyer that you’re considering selling your property:

  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Credibility
  • A solid track record
  • Consistency

Read into the lines when checking out a company’s reviews. There are two sides to every story. If there’s a negative review, take each component with a grain of salt depending on the context. When you sell property without a realtor, you want to feel confident going into the transaction. SD House Guys is a local real estate company based here in San Diego, California. We bring personal touch when working with homeowners that you wouldn’t otherwise get when working with a large company or corporation.

Responsiveness is another quality to look for when working with a professional homebuyer. Did you call them and not hear back for 3 days? Red flag! You don’t want to get stuck with a lazy buyer. When selling your house without an agent, your goal is to be in good hands. SD House Guys make a promise to all homeowners in SD County that we will be available and respond in a timely manner when working with you. Our company prioritizes speed. You can sell without a realtor in San Diego within 3 weeks and feel good about the company you worked with.

For Sale By Owner in San Diego: Facts

FSBO is a common abbreviation around the housing market and real estate world regarding sellers. This four-letter abbreviation represents a homeowner selling a house privately by themselves. FSBO is also known as For Sale By Owner. There’s even a section on Zillow for FSBO’s. It is continuing to rise in popularity and becoming a more common way for property owners to sell. When selling a house by owner, that means there is no agent or broker involved. Typically, when SD House Guys purchase homes, we buy them directly from homeowners without a realtor on either side. These are technically For Sale By Owner transactions.

Sell a House Without a Realtor
Sell My House Without a Realtor

When people try to sell property by owner in San Diego, they commonly look towards the internet for solutions to their problems. What is their problem? They need a homebuyer to purchase their home! If you resonate with this, look no further. Give SD House Guys a call today to sell your property without a realtor. We will make you a cash offer and close within 21 days. FSBO’s oftentimes use platforms, like Craigslist or Facebook, to find local homebuyers. While this can work, you have to weed through countless sketchy companies before eventually finding one that will maybe purchase your home. Skip the hassle of selling your property by owner using those platforms and contact SD House Guys.

Why Sell Your House Without a Realtor in San Diego

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Besides the primary benefits of saving time and saving money, why else is selling a house without a realtor beneficial? Control is a big part of why homeowners want to take the reigns and handle the selling process themselves. Many people have unfortunately had poor experiences working with real estate agents. Whether they experienced drawn-out listings, bad offers, or no offers at all from poor marketing, people understandably get a bad taste in their mouths.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” By selling your property without an agent, you have full control over what happens. If you want things to happen quickly or slowly, you get to dictate that. You don’t have to worry about getting poor service because you are in the saddle (aka the driver’s seat) of this transaction. That does put the responsibility on you, which is important to note. However, when working with a company like SD House Guys, we handle everything for you when buying your home. Sell without a realtor and avoid the stress of the traditional real estate model.

Paperwork for Selling a House Without a Realtor

The only paperwork needed when selling a house without a realtor is the agreement that you sign between you and the buyer. This is also known as a Purchase Agreement. SD House Guys supply this document each time we buy a property. Once the Purchase Agreement is signed by both parties (you and us), the 21-day process begins. That is the only paperwork you need to get started.

Certain unique scenarios, such as inherited property, require other documentation to be provided to the title company upfront to begin the process. For situations like that, you can sell your inherited house directly to SD House Guys. We will help you along each step of the process. Later on, closer to the closing date, paperwork such as the HUD and settlement sheet are provided by the title company and given to both us and you to review. Those documents are signed at closing, and then it’s official.

Our cash buyer terms apply to other cities like Oceanside, Chula Vista, Carlsbad, Escondido, El Cajon, and San Marcos in San Diego County, CA.

Selling Property Without an Agent is Easy

When working with an experienced and local homebuyer, like SD House Guys, selling your property without an agent is easy. We make the process incredibly simple. Our offers are in cash. We close quickly and on your timeline. Skip out of the headaches and obstacles that can happen when selling a home on the market with an agent. Save yourself +$77,000 for San Diego residents and months of time by working with SD House Guys. If you have thought that I need to sell without a realtor, our team makes the process easy and effortless.

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