20 Reliable Coffee Shops to Work or Study in San Diego – 2023 Café Guide

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In a city of almost 1.4M people, finding a reliable, spacious, and quiet coffee shop to work or study at in San Diego isn’t easy. Working remotely from home isn’t as thrilling as it once was a few years ago. Now that 2023 is here, it’s time for remote workers and students to get caffeinated […]

My Roommate Smells Bad: 3 Powerful Tips on What to Do

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Pee-yew! Living with a roommate that smells bad puts you in an awkward and stinky situation. Honestly, how do you tell your roommate they smell bad and avoid hurting their feelings? It’s a very fine line to walk while living in your apartment. Your poor nose could be enduring scents of body odor, urine, onions, […]

The Ultimate Guide to House Hacking in California

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Using house hacking in California is an effective real estate investing strategy. Let’s face it, California is expensive. Housing affordability is continuing to drift further from actually being attainable. Now, consider the new generation of millennial homebuyers with loads of student debt – it’s nearly impossible to afford buying a house in CA without getting […]

The Amount a Landlord Can Raise Rent in San Diego, California

How much can a landlord raise rent San Diego

One of the scarier financial situations a tenant can encounter is when their landlord increases the rent. Unfortunately, for people living in the state of California, the housing market is absurdly expensive. Tenants pay hand over fist renting apartments in cities like San Diego, CA. With rents continuing to increase, you’re likely wondering how much […]

How to Sell a House With Black Mold in San Diego

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You want to sell your San Diego home. When you are trying to get things ready to show to people, you notice something, whether on the inside or outside – black mold. This can be a grave health risk … but it doesn’t necessarily have to kill a sale. When you’re looking for San Pedro […]

How to Sell My Fire-Damaged House in San Diego

sell my fire-damaged house San Diego

Figuring out the least stressful way to sell a house after a fire in San Diego is incredibly important to both your personal sanity and your family’s well-being. California’s fires are devasting to real estate and to people. In 2022, 876 buildings suffered from fire damage in California through 7,667 total incidents. That means hundreds […]

Opendoor Hidden Fees: The Truth Revealed

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Home sellers are becoming more skeptical about Opendoor, which is a national iBuyer with hidden fees. This real estate platform has become incredibly popular among people who need to sell their houses fast. Real estate markets, like California and Florida, have actively embraced Opendoor. You can use several options to look for Aqualane Shores homes […]

How to Sell My Hoarder House in San Diego

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Dealing with a hoarder home is a major headache for any homeowner or landlord. Of course, emotions can become tied to a property. You may be unsure if you should keep or sell your hoarder house in San Diego. Realistically, do you have the capacity to empty out the property, clean it properly, and fix […]

How to Make Your House in San Diego More Energy Efficient

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Having an energy-efficient home isn’t just good for the environment — it’s great for your wallet. LED lights use less than 75% of the energy that comes from traditional incandescent bulbs. Lowering the heat just a few notches at bedtime saves as much as 15% on a heating bill annually. A furnace that is Energy […]

Is It a Good Time to Sell a Property in San Diego?

Is It a Good Time to Sell a Property in San Diego

Fortunately, real estate values usually rise in California. The same goes for San Diego real estate. If you’re wondering if it is a good time to sell in San Diego, the answer is yes. Of course, it does depend on your exit strategy and long-term goals. For those that want to keep a property for […]