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Calculating what your closing costs are when selling a piece of real estate in San Diego, CA is not easy. Additionally, it’s pretty painful to calculate once you see your bottom line. With the average price of a home in San Diego, California being higher than most cities around the United States, sellers are paying upwards of over $70,000 – $100,000 in closing costs. Yikes! This, of course, depends on the total sale price of your home. San Diego closing costs typically cost sellers between 4.75% – 8%. What if there was a better way to offset these closing costs? When SD House Guys buy houses, if it’s our first time working together, we pay the seller closing costs for you.

Below, we cover the full breakdown of San Diego closing costs for sellers in real estate and how to avoid them.

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Closing Costs When Selling a House

Closing costs are the demise of many sellers in California. The more your house sells for, the more closing costs you pay. Unfortunately, we live in a VERY expensive state. Real estate closing costs for sellers end up draining a large chunk of their total net proceeds. With the high end of closing costs being 8%, that means you pay thousands of dollars on the day of closing out of the total proceeds from the sale of your home. Do you have a mortgage or other liens tied to your property? Those can oftentimes eat away at your profits too.

This is where SD House Guys want to make a difference in the real estate industry. As a company that buys houses in California, we understand that closing costs from selling a house in San Diego are expensive. In most scenarios, our company will pay for these costs out of our pockets. How much money do you save when you don’t pay closing costs in San Diego?

  • Average Property Value in San Diego = $925,000
  • Closing Costs for Sellers = 8%
  • Average San Diego Closing Costs = $74,000

Avoid paying expensive closing costs in San Diego and contact SD House Guys today to receive a cash offer for your home. We close within 21 days. You save thousands of dollars and months of time by working with a professional and local real estate company like us.

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Real Estate Closing Costs in San Diego for Sellers

There are a plethora of real estate closing costs in San Diego that sellers are required to pay. Unfortunately, it’s the cost of doing business – unless you work with us! Nevertheless, it’s important to know what San Diego closing costs are.

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San Diego closing costs for sellers

Realtor Commissions

A realtor typically charges between 4% – 6% as a commission for helping you sell your home. That’s a ton of money! This expense makes up the majority of seller closing costs in San Diego. Fortunately, the traditional real estate model has shifted to give sellers the opportunity to avoid this. SD House Guys buy homes directly from homeowners. There is no agent involved, so you can avoid paying 6% and keep that money instead. Imagine not having to pay an agent and also closing in 3 weeks (or less). Sounds nice, right? Our goal as professional homebuyers is to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

This closing cost holds true regardless of the type of property you are selling. If you’re selling a piece of land, a single-family home, or a multi-family apartment building, a real estate agent can still charge you a 6% commission. Instead of paying this expensive seller closing cost, contact our team today. Our comprehensive guide explains how you can sell a house without a realtor in San Diego. Save yourself thousands of dollars ($74,000 on average) and work with SD House Guys.

Transfer Tax

After considering realtor commissions, the other San Diego closing costs aren’t nearly as high. However, depending on the sale price of your home, it can still cost you a pretty penny. Typically, real estate transfer tax is 0.11% of the sale price. SD House Guys cover this when we buy houses in San Diego, CA.

Title Insurance in San Diego

Title insurance is offered through a title company (escrow company) once ownership is transferred to a new person. Insurance does what it sounds like it does. It protects the new owner against many title issues that are tied to the property. Title insurance costs around $225 as a seller closing cost in San Diego

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Seller Concessions

The final San Diego closing costs that sellers pay are concessions. These are common when selling your home on the market with a realtor. The most common type of buyer that you encounter on the MLS is an owner-occupant (aka a family). They usually prefer to move into a home that is turnkey, meaning that there aren’t any visible damages in or around the property. When damages do exist, buyers can request that the seller pays to fix these damages from the total proceeds they earn after the sale of their home. SD House Guys buy hoarder houses as-is, which means we do not require you to fix, clean, or repair anything before selling your property to us.

You likely won’t encounter this closing cost as often when working with companies like us. We are landlords ourselves and are used to dealing with all sorts of real estate situations. Are you a landlord yourself selling a property with tenants in it? We will make you a direct cash offer and cover your closing costs.


Avoid Closing Costs in San Diego

Is there a way to avoid closing costs in San Diego for sellers? Traditionally, no. If you work with a realtor and place your home on the market, you will likely pay upwards of 8% in total closing costs. That’s a ton of money that many sellers would rather not pay. Instead, consider working with SD House Guys. We buy houses as-is and cover your closing costs. You won’t have to pay a realtor 6% to help you sell your property.

You can keep that money and put it towards something that you love or reinvest it into another piece of real estate. Do you plan to buy a house after you sell this one? It’s helpful to have as much money from the transaction as possible when entering this transaction. You may have a high mortgage or expensive property taxes on your next home. Save money by avoiding closing costs when working with SD House Guys.

Regardless of the type of property you own or the situation surrounding it, our company will make you an offer to purchase it. If you recently inherited a house you need to sell, contact us today. SD House Guys make the process easy when dealing with inherited properties and work directly with families step-by-step.

Additional Benefits of Working with SD House Guys

Off the bat, you can offset the seller closing costs that you would usually have to pay when selling your property by working with us. SD House Guys pay seller closing costs such as transfer tax, escrow fees, and more. Additional benefits that sellers in San Diego experience when working with us are:

  • No renovations or repairs
  • No open houses
  • No long listing periods
  • 21-day close
  • Sell your house as-is
  • Save money
  • Save time

Contact us to learn more about how to sell a house fast in San Diego.

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Estimating Closing Costs in San Diego

Trying to estimate closing costs in San Diego as a seller can be confusing. There are many factors to consider. The most important one is the total sale price of your property. If you have a rough estimation of what your house will sell for, you can calculate the closing costs. Trying to use real estate platforms like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com are ok but they do not take into consideration the inside of a property. Have you ever had a Zillow rep come out to your house, walk through each room, take notes of the condition, and factor that into your home’s ‘Zestimate’? No, because they don’t do that.

If you’re looking for a quick quote on what a company like SD House Guys would pay for your property, give us a call today. We will make you a cash offer and cover your closing costs from the transaction. To put that into perspective, here are the savings you can expect from working with us:

  • $500,000 home = $40,000 savings
  • $600,000 home = $48,000 savings
  • $700,000 home = $56,000 savings
  • $800,000 home = $64,000 savings
  • $900,000 home = $72,000 savings
  • $1,000,000 home = $80,000 savings

For homeowners interested in avoiding these real estate closing costs when selling a house in San Diego, contact our team today. We will make you a fair cash offer on your property. You will save upwards of $80,000 in cash from not paying closing costs. Additionally, you will save months of time with our quick ability to close. Our team can close within 3 weeks (21 days or less) or at your pace. If you need time, we can work around your schedule and needs. Avoid paying tons of money in San Diego closing costs as a seller and walk away feeling good about the overall process. 

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San Diego Seller Closing Costs

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