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Life doesn’t always turn out how we expect it to. Many San Diego residents have inherited a house unexpectedly from their family or parents. It may sound like a blessing to some. A piece of real estate randomly falls out of the sky and onto your lap. Sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, not everyone wants to or has the capacity to be a homeowner. If you have thought that I need to sell my inherited house in San Diego, our company is here to help. SD House Guys offer multiple options for families that have recently inherited a property. Learn more about how to sell a house for cash in San Diego.

Did a property unexpectedly fall into your lap from a family member? Many people already own homes and don’t have time to manage a second one. That’s completely understandable. Do you need to sell an inherited property in San Diego? Contact us today to get the process started and receive a cash offer for your home. SD House Guys make the process seamless, easy, and stress-free. There’s a lot that goes into dealing with an inherited property. This guide is meant to provide you with information and clarity on how to sell an inherited house in San Diego.

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Simple 3-Step Process

First Steps Dealing with an Inherited Property

Where do you start when trying to sell an inherited property in San Diego, CA? First, gather all family members that should be involved in the selling process. This is a crucial step! Make sure that everyone who should be involved IS involved early on. Selling an inherited home becomes much easier when all family members are on the same page. Certain members of your family may want to take the lead or do exactly the opposite. Hear everyone out and listen to their needs.

Getting clarity amongst the group will help determine what you want to do with the inherited property. From here, determine what everyone’s goals are. Does anyone want to keep the house themselves to move into or rent out? If you do, your family can start moving in that direction. Another option, which is likely how you found this guide, is selling the property. If you have thought that I want to sell my inherited house in San Diego, our company is here to help.

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Ways to Sell an Inherited Property in San Diego

There are a variety of ways to sell an inherited property in San Diego. The quickest, cheapest, and simplest way to do so is to work directly with a cash buyer like SD House Guys. When we buy inherited homes, there is no realtor involved in the process, which means you don’t have to list the home on the market. Our company will make you a cash offer to buy your family’s property and close within 21 days or less. What is the process like in its entirety?

After filling out our contact form, Jon or Alex (the co-founders), will reach out to you. Our goal is to learn more about the property and your family’s situation. Each inherited property scenario is different from the next. Depending on the number of family members and household items involved, it can either be extremely simple or very complicated. SD House Guys prioritize you and your family’s needs. Once we know more about the house, we will either make you a cash offer over the phone or schedule a time to see the interior of the property. From there, we will make you an offer. Once accepted, we can close within 21 days or on whatever schedule you and your family prefer.

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Sell Your Inherited House As-is

When working with our company, you can sell your inherited house in San Diego as-is. This means you don’t have to fix anything in the property before selling it. From our experience dealing with inherited properties, they are oftentimes outdated, need repairs, and suffer from damages. These are natural (and expected) from a home that’s been in the family for many years. Children that inherit a home from their parents oftentimes don’t want to deal with fixing it or making repairs. We get it!

No Repairs

Fixing up an inherited property not only costs you tons of money upfront, but it also requires your time. Would you rather not deal with this headache? If you have thought that I need to sell my inherited house in San Diego, contact us today to receive an offer. We buy inherited houses as-is, which means we don’t require you to fix anything. Our company handles all that after we close. If you’re dealing with code violations tied to your house in San Diego, you don’t have to get those cleared either. We handle everything once we purchase the home.

No Cleaning

Inherited properties usually have lots of stuff in them. Many of these items are sentimental. You and your family members should go through everything before starting the selling process. It’s important to make sure that you get everything out that you want to keep before proceeding. Once that’s completed, you can leave everything else as-is. Regardless of the cleanliness, you can sell your inherited property in San Diego to us directly. We don’t require homeowners to clean or paint the property before we buy it. Do you have piles of unwanted personal items, furniture, or trash in the property? Consider it handled! Sell your inherited house without cleaning it.

Why Sell Your Inherited House in San Diego to Us

Besides not having to clean or fix it up, why else should you sell your inherited house to us? A huge obstacle that children face when they inherit a home is how to find the right buyer. While listing the property on the market with a real estate agent is an option, it does require a large amount of preparation. When listing on the market, you’re typically required to clean, fix, and repair the property first. You will need to use your upfront money for this and invest your time with no guarantee of selling your inherited home.

No Listings

When working with SD House Guys, there are no long listing periods. We close within 21 days, or at your preferred pace. Our company is completely flexible with the timing of things. We can close as fast or as slow as you need. Listing your home on the market takes, on average, 2-3 months if the property is ‘market ready’ and priced well. Oftentimes, inherited properties sit on the market for 4-5 months because most of them are sold as is. The majority of the homebuyers shopping on the market prefer to buy a house that is turnkey, aka move-in-ready. They don’t want to fix things up themselves and tend to avoid properties like that.

When SD House Guys make you a cash offer for your property, it’s guaranteed. We do not pursue homes that we aren’t interested in. Our team values your time as well as ours. That’s one commodity we do NOT like to waste on either side! If you have wondered how to sell my inherited house in San Diego, call our team today to get started. You can avoid long listing periods of your property sitting on the market for 4-5 months with no guarantee of a sale.

No Open Houses

What comes along with listing your inherited home on the market? You must also host open houses. This requires the property to be fixed up, cleaned, and staged. These are all expenses that you would pay upfront to start that process. Many homeowners prefer not to list their homes on the market because they prefer the privacy of a direct sale. SD House Guys will buy your home in 3 weeks or less without publicizing it to the world. Avoid open houses when selling an inherited house in San Diego.

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Can I Sell an Inherited Property with a Mortgage

It’s fairly easy to sell an inherited property with a mortgage tied to it. A mortgage, also considered a lien in real estate, doesn’t prevent a property from being sold even when it’s inherited. SD House Guys can still close within that 21-day timeframe if there’s a mortgage. The title company that we work with will contact the bank that holds the mortgage loan once we agree to work together. They will order what’s called a payoff from the mortgage company.

This document tells the title company how much money is owed on the mortgage (aka how much needs to be paid off) in order to satisfy the loan. Children that inherit property typically pay this off with the proceeds of the home sale. This all happens on closing day and is handled by the title company. At most, the title company may ask for your ID to verify that you are the administrator, executor, or person handling the property.

If there are other liens tied to the property, these can also be paid off at the time of closing through the proceeds of the sale. The title company ALSO handles this part so that you don’t have to. They make it a very easy transition. Other types of liens can include:

  • Property tax lien
  • Water bill lien
  • Judgment lien
  • Hospital lien

When properties have been in the family for a long time, there usually aren’t too many liens that cannot be covered by the equity in the home. You can easily sell an inherited house with a mortgage tied to it. It’s very common in San Diego, CA. The title company makes each step of the process easy.

Keeping up with household expenses can be challenging. For anyone that is behind on their monthly loan payments and facing foreclosure, we can help. Read our helpful tips on how to sell a house during foreclosure and save your credit. Taking on an inherited property sometimes means you’re stuck paying a 2nd mortgage (this one and your primary residence). Avoid foreclosure by selling your inherited property in San Diego.

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How Much Time Do You Have to Sell an Inherited House

There’s no need to rush to sell your inherited house in San Diego. Confirm which family members should be involved and come up with a game plan together. Once you have that, review the financial situation of the property. Are there outstanding bills that must get paid? These can include things like utility bills, property taxes, water bills, etc. Depending on how quickly you plan to sell the home, you don’t necessarily need to pay those items off now. You can wait until you officially sell it and pay these things through the proceeds of the sale orchestrated by the title company we use. However, each bill can be different! Make sure to ask SD House Guys if you’re unsure what bills need to get paid first.

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There are additional taxes you must pay if you wait too long to sell. For example, to avoid capital gains tax, you must sell your inherited house in San Diego within 2 years. If not, Uncle Sam will come knocking on your door! The tax man always gets his money. Make sure to budget for this tax if you plan to hold the property for longer than 2 years.

SD House Guys works on your schedule. If you need to sell an inherited property fast, we can make that happen. Our quick close allows us to buy inherited properties within 3 weeks. We buy San Diego inherited homes all throughout the year. Whether the housing market is up or down, our team will make you a fair cash offer. Sell your inherited house in San Diego to a company that you can count on. Check out our reviews from other homeowners that we’ve helped in San Diego County.

Even if the home you inherit is a rental property, we will buy it as-is. You don’t have to fix anything that the tenant has damaged. Managing a rental property when the real estate market is down is tough, especially when having to pay certain taxes. Check out this resource to learn about how to sell a rental property with tenants in San Diego, CA.

Probate in San Diego

Depending on how the will was set up, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to go through the California probate process to legally sell your inherited property. This depends on if there was a will created by the original owner. Within these details and this process, you can identify who is the executor or administrator of the estate. Basically, this means who is in charge of the property going forward. Typically, this is someone who was close to the deceased, such as one of the children. Let SD House Guys know where things are along this process, and if you have questions, we can answer them.

Going through the probate process takes time. Along with that, there can be minor expenses involved. For the traditional seller closing costs that come along with selling your house, those can add up too. SD House Guys typically cover these costs for homeowners. Click here to learn more about San Diego closing costs for sellers. Educate yourself and save as much money as possible when selling an inherited house.

Sell My Inherited House Fast in San Diego

Our goal as professional homebuyers has always been to make the process of selling an inherited house fast and easy. We value your time and understand that your family has potentially gone through a lot. Dealing with inherited properties is an emotional endeavor. It’s not always a clear-cut answer on how to proceed. Sometimes, certain members of the family want to keep the property. Your brother or sister may already be living in the inherited home. Obviously, situations like that require lots of communication to determine what everyone’s needs are and how to meet them.

SD House Guys have worked with dozens of families to help them sell an inherited property fast in San Diego. Our process allows homeowners to close within 21 days (or less) and move on to the next chapter of their lives. You can sell as-is, which means there is no cleaning, repairing, or renovating required before we buy the property. Don’t worry about having to list your home on the market. When working directly with us, there are no open houses or showings. If you’ve wondered how to sell my inherited house in San Diego, contact us today to receive a cash offer.

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