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Did your property get hit with code violations? It happens to countless homeowners and landlords throughout San Diego County. Dealing with code violations takes effort, time, and money. Instead of fighting through these headaches, consider selling your house with violations attached to it. If you have wondered how to sell my house with code violations in San Diego, contact our team today to receive a cash offer. SD House Guys is a local homebuyer in San Diego County that is (sadly) extremely accustomed to dealing with code violations. Contact us today to sell your house for cash in San Diego, regardless of the condition.

Here is our complete guide on how to sell a house with code violations in San Diego and avoid the ginormous headaches that come with them.

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Can I Sell My House with Code Violations in San Diego

The short and exciting answer to this real estate obstacle is a resounding Y-E-S. You can sell a house with code violations in San Diego when working with the right buyer. SD House Guys purchase properties as-is, which means you don’t have to fix anything before the close of escrow. Whether it’s a rental property or an inherited house, you can sell your house with code violations. You can leave the violations tied to your property. Our company will work with the city of San Diego to clear the violations after we settle on the home.

Your property could suffer from multiple code violations, from uncut weeds to unsafe structural issues. Regardless of the condition, we will buy your home with violations tied to it. Our company will make you a fair cash offer for the home and allow you to walk away unscathed. Selling a property with code violations in San Diego has never been easier. SD House Guys bring years of experience to the table. Our goal is to provide a quick transaction, enabling homeowners to get out of difficult real estate situations.

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Best Way to Get Rid of Code Violations

The best and quickest way to get rid of code violations is to sell the property. SD House Guys buy properties within 21 days or less, regardless of the condition. Click here to learn how you can sell a rental property in San Diego, even when it has violations. The speed of our transactions is instrumental in helping homeowners that are trying to get rid of code violations save time and money. Selling a property with code violations in San Diego is the easiest way to walk away from the entire situation. Imagine not having to worry about looming code violations tied to your property. It can feel INSANELY stressful! Forego the stress and sell your home with code violations in San Diego to a trusted buyer.

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Code Enforcement Violation List

The Code Enforcement works alongside San Diego County residents to help them resolve code violations. You can find a list of violations from the Code Enforcement listed on their website in the link above. The city of San Diego breaks code violations down into categories depending on the severity of the issue. They range from minor to extremely serious.

Priority 1 Code Violations

The worst of the worst when it comes to housing issues. Priority 1 code violations indicate that there is a serious problem with your property that needs immediate resolution. The city of SD puts the most pressure on these violations. These are considered to pose ‘imminent health and safety hazards’ by the Code Enforcement. The worry is that these issues could cause major harm within the community. Severe code violations in San Diego include:

  • Leaking sewage
  • Exposed, live electrical wires
  • Unstable or dangerous structures
  • Uninhabitable living conditions
  • Unsafe barriers for swimming pools

Priority 2 Code Violations

This 2nd set of code violations in San Diego is considered serious but less severe. Instead of the Code Enforcement inspecting the house within 1 day of being notified about the issue, they stretch their timeline to 5 days. This indicates that the issue is still bad but not ‘extreme’. Here is a list of common priority 2 code violations:

  • Historic sites
  • Abandoned vacant properties
  • Unpermitted grading
  • Disturbing environmental resources
  • Substandard housing conditions

Priority 3 Code Violations

The 3rd set of San Diego code violations is considered the least severe. The Code Enforcement won’t show up at your door for (at latest) 20 days after someone reports the violation. These violations indicate to the city that there is a negative impact on quality of life. Several common examples include:

  • Building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical violations
  • Off-street parking violations
  • Garage illegally converted into living space
  • Unpermitted business use, construction, demolition, or dwelling units
  • Required landscaping

Are you trying to clear any of these violations tied to your property? Instead, avoid the hassle and contact us today. You can sell a house with code violations in San Diego and put to rest the headaches you’ve encountered.

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How Code Violations Occur

Typically, code violations in San Diego occur when a neighbor calls the Code Enforcement to inform them about an issue. Many San Diego County residents believe in cleaning up the community and care about the safety of their neighbors. If they notice an issue, they can contact the city and report the issue. Code violations can be caused by bad tenants or squatters. It’s not always the homeowner’s fault directly. Even if a house is left untouched after a fire, code compliance can put violations against the house for being an unsafe structure to the neighborhood.

Code Enforcement is then tasked with looking into the issue and verifying the details that the neighbor provided them. Normally, Code Enforcement will come out to the property, walk around, and take photos. 

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The priority (severity) of the code violation determines how quickly Code Enforcement shows up to the property. Depending on the findings of Code Enforcement, they will determine if the issue is worthy of a code violation. From here, they file the violation and notify the property owner. You can expect to receive a code violation notice via mail and a physical notice being posted on the property. Surprisingly to many, barking dogs are not considered a San Diego code violation but you can still receive a complaint for this.


The Result of Unresolved Code Violations

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Unfortunately, many homeowners get stuck with large bills and fines due to city violations. If you would not fight against the city, contact SD House Guys today. You can sell a house with code violations in San Diego and not have to deal with them any longer. Whether your grass is too tall or your property is deemed unsafe, our company will still make you a cash offer. Selling your property with code violations is easy when working with a local San Diego homebuyer like us. There is no realtor involved in the sale of your home when working with SD House Guys.

For homeowners that leave code violations unresolved and decide not to sell their homes, there are consequences. The city can eventually place a lien on your property, which won’t be removed until you pay a particular fine or fix the issue. Many property owners aren’t even aware that they have multiple violations tied to their homes, especially if it’s been sitting vacant for a long time. If you have wondered how to sell my home quickly with code violations in San Diego, call our team today to receive a cash offer. We work directly with homeowners to help them get out of tough situations regarding city violations.

  • Abatement: The city of San Diego hires someone to handle the issue. This can mean that they bring in a 3rd party to demolish the building, cut the weeds, or remove debris/trash.
  • Civil Penalties: This is a fine given by the city of San Diego that can range up to $10,000 per day. The maximum that civil penalties can reach per property is $400,000 total in fines.
  • Judicial Remedies: This is the worst-case scenario when dealing with code violations. The city attorney of San Diego files a civil or criminal lawsuit against the responsible parties. Eventually, they can seize your property. Instead of dealing with this nightmare, you can sell a house with code violations in San Diego to our company.

Some homeowners that are battling code violations are also facing foreclosure. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage bill, we can help. You can avoid foreclosure by selling your home directly to a cash buyer like SD House Guys. Our goal is to make the process stress-free. Sell your house during foreclosure and with code violations to a trusted home buyer. 

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How to Report a Code Violation in San Diego

Are you witnessing some major issues in the community that the city should know about? You can report a code violation directly to the city of San Diego, CA by calling this number: 619-236-5500. You can also submit an online form to let the city know about an issue you’ve witnessed. Code Enforcement will take things from there once they receive the information about the property.


Selling My Property with Code Violations in San Diego

Our cash buyer terms apply to other cities like Oceanside, Chula Vista, Carlsbad, Escondido, El Cajon, and San Marcos in San Diego County, CA.

Dealing with Code Enforcement in attempts to remedy major violations tied to your property is a headache. You can appeal a code violation here through the city website. What if there was a better option for homeowners? Selling your property with code violations in San Diego is a much easier route. SD House Guys make it simple to sell a house with violations. Our goal is to make you a quick cash offer for your home, enabling you to get out of a difficult situation regarding a property. We can even pay your closing costs. If you have wondered how to sell my house with code violations in San Diego, contact our team today to get the process started.

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