sell my hoarder house San Diego

Dealing with a hoarder home is a major headache for any homeowner or landlord. Of course, emotions can become tied to a property. You may be unsure if you should keep or sell your hoarder house in San Diego. Realistically, do you have the capacity to empty out the property, clean it properly, and fix existing damage? While some homeowners are up for the task, most likely prefer to skedaddle out of the hoarding situation. SD House Guys is a homebuyer that purchases houses as-is, regardless of the condition or items that have piled up within it.

Here is a detailed guide on how to sell my hoarder house in San Diego without putting more money into it.


Best Ways to Empty a Hoarder House in San Diego

The first giant obstacle to tackle if you plan to keep your hoarder home is to empty it. While there may be household items piled to the ceilings of your property, you’ll have to force your way through. Start creating piles of items and categorize them into sections. Make piles for:

  • Hoarding items you will keep
  • Hoarding items you will throw away in the dumpster

Depending on how much trash and rubbish is through your San Diego residence, you’ll either need to rent a truck or a dumpster. When renting a truck, you can fill it with trash from the hoarding and bring it to the Miramar Landfill. Upon entrance, they will weigh your truck including all of the household items you plan to throw out, and charge you based on the weight. It’s smelly but at least the landfill in San Diego is easy to get to from Highway 52. The other option is to rent an industrial-sized dumpster and clean out your hoarder property that way. This option is more expensive, however, it’s required for properties with mountains of trash piled inside.

Does emptying your hoarder house in San Diego sound terrible? Scrap the scrap! Contact SD House Guys today if you need to sell your hoarder house. We buy houses in San Diego CA regardless of the condition. You are NOT required to empty (or clean out) your hoarder home before we buy it. Our company handles the cleanout after we close. Contact us to learn more about how to sell a hoarder house fast in San Diego Our goal is to make the sale of your hoarder property stress-free.


Sell My Hoarder House Without Doing Repairs

sell my hoarder house

The second common hurdle homeowners face when confronting a hoarder house is deciding if they should fix it up. After you completely empty out the property of trash, unwanted items, broken furniture, and garbage, you can begin repairing it.

Depending on what you plan to do next with the property will dictate what items you should repair (or not). For homeowners that plan to move into the former ‘hoarding’ house, you should fix everything within the property to your liking. Or if you decide to become a landlord in San Diego, California, and rent it out, you’ll want to fix as much as possible to make it ‘rent ready’. Making repairs on a hoarder’s home can be extremely costly. There may be code violations to deal with as you fix up the home. That means you’ll need to comply with the city of San Diego to remedy the violations as you repair them.

At this point in the hoarder home process, many homeowners begin to give up. Instead of making tiresome renovations to your damaged property that cost thousands of dollars, why not sell it? SD House Guys buy houses without a realtor involved so that you don’t have to list the home on the market and save money on commissions. You can sell a hoarder house in San Diego cheaply by working with us.


Selling a Hoarder House with Tenants in San Diego

Are you already dealing with hoarder tenants in your rental property? Yikes! We’ve been there and can relate. Being a landlord in California is already challenging enough. Throw a hoarder tenant on top of things, and you are in for a rough ride. SD House Guys will make you a cash offer for your hoarder property. Selling a hoarder house with tenants in San Diego is easy when working with our company. We buy properties in as-is condition regardless of the occupancy status. You don’t have to evict your tenants or kick them out before selling.

Oftentimes, hoarder homes get foreclosed on in San Diego CA because the homeowners simply let them go. Maintenance on a property is tough, especially when there are massive mountains of unwanted personal items and trash throughout it. Avoid foreclosure by selling your hoarder house in San Diego. We purchase homes throughout the area no matter what the inside looks like. If you’ve thought that I need to sell my hoarder house in San Diego, contact us today to get started.


Dealing With an Inherited Hoarder House

sell a hoarder property San Diego

Hoarder homes are not always the fault of the property owner. For example, you may have inherited a house in San Diego from a family member that had tons of personal items. People begin as ‘collectors’ and eventually turn into hoarders. For those dealing with a hoarder inherited property in San Diego fill out our form to receive an offer to purchase it. SD House Guys will buy your hoarder home without requiring you to empty anything within the basement, attic, or closets. Your family can leave as many unwanted items as needed before selling.


Sell a Hoarder Home in San Diego with Ease

Hoarder homes require a special type of buyer to complete the transaction with confidence. SD House Guys is a professional home flipper and renovator. We are accustomed to dealing with properties that are rough around the edges. Trying to sell a hoarder home in San Diego to a company like Zillow is hard. They are very particular with the styles of homes that they purchase and will likely lowball you or back out of the deal. Contact us today if you have wondered how to sell my hoarder house in San Diego.