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Determining how to sell a commercial property fast in San Diego, California isn’t easy. It’s the complete opposite of a residential single-family home. Commercial buildings come with baggage. As a landlord, you must manage the tenants, pay expensive property taxes, juggle triple net leases, and maintain the building. These stressful responsibilities are why many landlords try selling to commercial property buyers in San Diego. Listing the building on the market seems like a hassle and keeping it doesn’t make sense either.

If you have wondered how can I sell my commercial property fast in San Diego, we are here to help.

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Best Way to Sell My Commercial Property Fast

There are several ways to sell a piece of real estate. Listing your property with a commercial realtor was the only option for many years. However, property owners are now taking matters into their own hands. You can work directly with a commercial property buyer like SD House Guys in order to sell your building. This selling strategy is undoubtedly the quickest option for commercial landlords.

For those that have thought that I need to sell my commercial property fast in San Diego, our team can help. Selling a commercial property to a professional real estate buyer makes the process extremely easy. Commercial properties tend to sit on the market for long listing periods. Why? Simply put, there are not enough buyers in commercial real estate that fit what you are looking for.

Many commercial property owners get stuck ‘holding the bag’ for months as their properties sit on the market. There must be a better way to deal with commercial property…

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You can sell commercial property fast in San Diego to a credit company like us. We buy commercial properties for cash, which speeds up the process tremendously. When selling your commercial building to us, there is no mortgage, bank, lender, or agent involved. AKA, we remove all potential friction from the commercial real estate process. If you have thought that I need to sell my commercial property fast in San Diego, contact us today to get started. We can close within 30 days depending on the full details of the deal.


Calculate the Value of Your Commercial Property

Are you curious how much your commercial property in San Diego is worth? California is a hard state to calculate property values in because you have a plethora of both expensive and cheap real estate. The revenue that a commercial property generates is a big part of how to calculate its value.

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Do you have plans to sell a commercial property in San Diego with existing businesses inside? Revenue-generating units in your building can help the overall worth of your commercial building. Calculate what each business brings in while factoring in the square footage of each unit.

Contact us to receive an offer for your real estate today. You can sell commercial property for cash in San Diego while the units are occupied. We will review the existing leases, tenant history, and revenue from the building to determine a fair cash offer. We’re open to all types of industrial and commercial properties. Our company buys warehouses for cash and flips them regardless of the size. Our goal is to create win-win situations with property owners in CA. Call us today to sell your commercial property fast in San Diego.

We Buy Commercial Properties in San Diego

When deciding how to sell a commercial property, it’s important to work with a credible, trusted, and local company. We buy commercial properties in San Diego for cash. You can check out our reviews of other property owners that we’ve helped. Our company purchases commercial properties throughout San Diego County. This includes areas like:

SD House Guys buy commercial property throughout the entire year. Our co-founders, Jon and Alex, can give you an estimate of how much your property is worth in San Diego CA.


Working with San Diego Commercial Property Buyers

Finding a trusted San Diego commercial property buyer is challenging. SD House Guys make that search easy. Our company works directly with you to buy your building for cash. If you need to sell your commercial property fast, our team is committed to helping you do that. We close within 30 days. Selling commercial property has never been so quick and seamless! Regardless of the condition, we will make you an offer.


Selling Commercial Property by Owner

There is no realtor involved when working with SD House Guys. You can sell commercial property by owner to a trusted California cash buyer without paying expensive commissions. Real estate agents typically charge 6% in commissions and fees to help you list your building. That is a serious expense when talking about commercial real estate in Southern California.

Working with a commercial property buyer is the cheapest way to sell your building. If you have thought that I need to sell my commercial property fast in San Diego, give us a call. Without a realtor involved, the process is much cheaper and quicker for you as the property owner. FSBO, also known as for sale by owner, is a selling strategy that enables you to sell your commercial property by yourself. Landlords save thousands of dollars when offloading properties.

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Can I Sell Commercial Property As-is in San Diego

Aside from selling commercial property without a realtor in San Diego, there are even more benefits to working with us. When we buy commercial property, our company purchases it in ‘as-is’ condition. This is a huge advantage for sellers of commercial buildings and businesses. You are not required to fix, clean, or renovate anything in the building before selling it for cash. Even if the building has code violations tied to it, we will buy it. Forget about repairing damages or fixing leaks in the roof. We assume all present conditions of the building after we close at the escrow office.

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Doing renovations yourself can be vastly expensive and time-consuming. Not every landlord wants to do that! We get it. Instead, contact SD House Guys. If you have thought that I need to sell my commercial property in San Diego, our team will help you out. Selling commercial properties as-is makes the process easier for every party involved – including the tenants.


Sell My Commercial Building for Cash in San Diego

Do you want to sell a commercial building for cash in San Diego? As commercial property buyers, we pay cash in every transaction. This helps you save weeks of time from the traditional real estate model. No buyers are waiting around for mortgages or loans to be approved by a lender. Instead, we will pay you cash for your commercial building, take over the existing leases, and not require any repairs. If you have wondered how can I sell commercial property fast in San Diego, call our team to get started.

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