sell my house because military deployment San Diego

Being called up for military deployment for active-duty personnel can completely alter the course of your life. Many active-duty Marines, Navy Seals, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, and Army buy houses in San Diego before getting deployed. Should you keep your home or sell it? That’s a tough decision. For active-duty members of the Military that want to sell their properties before deployment, we can help. SD House Guys buy homes for cash in San Diego County and specialize in closing quickly.

Here is a full guide on how to sell your house because of military deployment in San Diego.


Ways to Sell My House Because of Military Deployment

Many active-duty Marines and Army personnel live near Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA. While living a great life in North County San Diego, they naturally want to progress into the next stage of life – homeownership. Suddenly, they get the call. Their sergeant informs them that they are being deployed. Now, these Marines must figure out what to do with their house while being deployed.

Since the future is unknown (to a degree), many people in the military opt to not keep their homes. There’s a ton of maintenance that goes into keeping and maintaining a home in San Diego County. Nonetheless, selling a home because of military deployment isn’t an easy pill to swallow.

So, how can someone sell a house before military deployment in San Diego?

Sell to a Cash Buyer

SD House Guys work directly with homeowners, including Marines and other military personnel, to purchase their houses for cash. There is no listing involved and you save massive amounts of money by not paying a realtor commission.

Regardless of where the property is located, we want to make your transition easy. We buy houses in Oceanside, which is next to Camp Pendleton. Our goal is to work around your schedule. Our team can buy your house and close before your military deployment. We pay all-cash, enabling the transaction to close in 2-3 weeks. Our team will also pay the closing costs associated with the home sale. It’s the quickest way to sell a house before your military deployment.

Listing Your Home

Another way to sell a property because of military deployment in San Diego is by listing it on the market. Working with a realtor is a common way to sell in the real estate world. While listing your home on the market can sometimes yield you a higher return, it comes with baggage.

Military home sellers must pay the realtor a commission when the property sells. On average, realtor commissions cost 5-6% in San Diego County, CA. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your home will sell. This is a major concern if you need to sell your house before getting deployed by the military. For many Air Force members and Marines, there is not an option to keep their home after deployment. It’s now or never.

Working directly with a cash buyer guarantees that you’re getting an offer that will close by a certain date specified by you and them. SD House Guys buy homes in San Diego County regardless of condition. Even on a hot day when your air conditioner is broken, we will make you an offer. Our team specializes in buying fixer uppers from military personnel.


Should I Sell My Home Before Military Deployment

sell my house because military deployment

Ask yourself this question…

Do I need to absolutely sell my home before leaving for military deployment?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to take action. Not everyone wants to – or can afford to – pay for and maintain a home while being away for years. Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force personnel are faced with this predicament constantly.

Owning a home is not cheap. Things break, which you’ll have to pay for. Also, don’t forget about the mortgage you must pay even while on deployment. Yikes!

Certain military members get lucky and purchase a home located in a city like Oceanside. After getting deployed, they can turn the home into a vacation rental. Oceanside short-term rental laws are more forgiving than others. For example, the Airbnb rules in Chula Vista require you to be a resident of the city to operate a short-term rental property. While being on deployment, you wouldn’t be a resident.

If Airbnb hosting isn’t an ideal option for you, contact a local homebuyer in San Diego County. SD House Guys close within 2-3 weeks. We make the process easy. Sell your house before military deployment in San Diego without stress.


Tips for Selling a House Before Deployment in San Diego

Tax Benefits for Military Home Sellers: No Capital Gains

For military members that have occupied their primary residence for at least 2 of the previous 5 years, there is no capital gains tax when you sell your property before deployment. That’s a massive incentive, especially for California homeowners!

Operations Security Rules

The Operations Security rules (OPSEC) are strict about military home sellers posting information about their move online. The army and military need to be secretive for obvious reasons.

No matter how pumped you are about your quick home sale, don’t share it on social media. It’s better to stay lowkey than shout at the rooftops about your current and future situations. Keep information regarding your home sale to yourself when necessary!


Will the Military Help Sell My House?

sell my house before military deployment San Diego

No. Well, it depends.

The military will help you sell your home before getting deployed if your mortgage is underwater. When a member of the military’s property is worth less than its mortgage (the debt tied to it), the military will help you sell it. The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Short Sale Assistance program helps military personnel during these unique situations.


Should I Sell My Home in San Diego Because of Military Deployment

Deciding to sell your home because of military deployment in San Diego is emotional. A house means a lot to a military family. Getting deployed comes with mixed emotions too.

If selling your house before military deployment makes financial sense for you, consider it. SD House Guys make the home-selling process in San Diego County very easy. We close on your schedule and make sure each sale is a win-win situation. Call us today to receive an offer. If you have wondered if should I sell my home in San Diego because of military deployment, contact our team today to get started.