Signs a House Showing Went Well

When you’re selling your house, deciding how a showing went isn’t easy. First impressions are everything. However, home tours happen extremely fast. As a seller, it’s natural to wonder if a house showing went well. There are clear signals that indicate your showing wasn’t just good—it was fantastic. Here’s how to read between the lines and spot those promising signs after showing your house to a buyer.

1. Long Lingering Time

When buyers meander through each room, it’s a good sign that the house showing is going well. This lingering is the real estate equivalent of a standing ovation. It means the potential buyers have moved beyond mere interest – they’re envisioning their lives unfolding in this space.

They are imagining holiday gatherings in the dining room and planning their morning routine in the master bath as they walk through. The house showing enables their imaginations to run wild. Like a guest who doesn’t want to leave a party, their prolonged stay speaks volumes about their level of interest.

2. Intense Q & A

When home buyers start to quiz you or your agent about the house with the intensity of a seasoned journalist, it’s a good thing. Questions are indicators of a deeper interest. The more, the merrier when it comes to figuring out if a house showing went well. Plus, buying a new house is a huge thing – so it makes sense if there are plenty of questions.

Buyers can ask about everything under the sun. For example, utility costs and renovation history could come up during a discussion. Additionally, topics that are more personal touches, like the choice of paint colors or where you got that unique light fixture in the foyer, could also be asked. Ideally, your agent can provide value during these interactions. You’ll want a top-notch agent to field all possible questions during house showings with buyers.

Each question peels back a layer, revealing their curiosity and interest in making your home theirs. This barrage of questions shows they’re already mentally invested in your home. Unless they are serious tire-kickers, these buyers are likely seeking reassurance before they commit.

3. Compliments Flow Freely

When compliments start flowing like a river after a rainstorm, it’s clear your home has made an impression. “Wow, this kitchen is spacious!” or “I love how much natural light there is!” aren’t just niceties. These accolades mean that the buyer is very serious about purchasing your home. As a seller, you want to hear more compliments to feel confident about the buyers. When your house receives more praise than a high school valedictorian, you know you’re doing something right.

4. Body Language

Signs a Showing Went Well

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a gesture can be just as telling. Watch for the non-verbal cues that shout louder than any compliment could. Did they take a moment to stand in what could be their future bedroom, silently absorbing it? Or did they simply attend your open house for 5 minutes and then walk out? These moments are like secret handshakes indicating their interest. They may not say it out loud, but their actions are drafting a love letter to your home.

I spoke with Brian Piercy with The Home Search on how showings go and he had this to say:

A home showing is considered successful when there are clear, positive indicators from potential buyers. Sellers can gauge this by the duration of the visit—longer visits often mean heightened interest. Positive body language, like nodding or expressing excitement, and engaging questions about the property’s details and potential signify strong buyer engagement. Feedback, whether direct or through agents, that focuses on envisioning living in the home rather than pointing out flaws is a good sign. Additionally, a successful showing often leads to follow-up actions, such as requests for more information, second visits, or even an offer.

5. Follow-Up

Eager, fast follow-up is a great sign that a house showing went well. Buyers who are very interested will let you know, even after they leave the showing. This prompt response is their way of signaling their interest to you. The more follow-up, the better! That shows the buyers don’t want to miss out on the deal. Whether they attend an open house or private showing, receiving follow up questions is a great sign from the seller’s perspective.

Especially when the real estate environment is competitive, buyers will do their best to follow up as much as possible until they get the final ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It can sometimes be a red flag if they don’t follow up if the deal is really good.

Both real estate investors and owner-occupant families will reach back out after the house showing to show their interest. Your home could be part of an investor’s strategy to build wealth through real estate. If it’s that important to their investing career, they won’t want to miss out on it. These buyers will do everything in their power to show you that the showing went well and that they’re heavily interested.