sell my house with water damage

Selling a home with water damage is possible when working with the right homebuyer. Not all buyers want to take on a waterlogged property. While some are overblown, damage from a burst pipe or flood brings fear about the safety of a home. Black mold can spread throughout a home if the water damage isn’t remedied properly. Owner-occupant homebuyers, especially families, usually prefer a comfortable, turnkey home they can move into directly after closing. Those buyers likely won’t make you an offer, but others will.

Let’s review several reliable ways to sell a house with water damage.


Should I Stay in My Home with Water Damage

Before you dive into selling your home suffering from water damage, determine how safe the environment is. Mold and bacteria build up quickly when water damage isn’t treated. Especially in dark areas on your property, like the basement, damp surfaces can become a huge issue. Bad smells in your house can begin traveling into each room. From there, your home can be unsafe to live in.

Considering hiring a specialist to determine how safe your home is after a flood or leak. It’s important to do this ASAP. Your health is more important than any property.


What to do with Your Home After a Plumbing Leak

selling a water damaged home

Not every homeowner wants to continue maintaining a property that suffered from severe water damage. Moisture is a fierce element that can break down drywall, concrete, and wood effortlessly.

Trying to restore a water-damaged home is a major project. It’s costly and can take months to complete. You’ll need to manage contractors and make sure that the restoration and repairs get done properly.

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage

Did your insurance cover part of the water damage from the plumbing leak that your home suffered from? The amount of money you receive from insurance – if any at all – entirely depends on your policy and the cause. Certain insurance policies cover leaks from external factors, like a flood, but won’t cover pipe bursts caused by negligence.

For homeowners that receive money from insurance after water damage, be grateful. Not all water leaks are covered by property insurance policies. You can use the money you received from insurance to cover a portion of the renovation and restoration cost if you plan to keep your home. That will help soften the blow of the plumbing leak or flood.

Selling a House with Water Damage

For homeowners tired of dealing with a waterlogged property, consider selling it. You can sell a house with water damage by finding the right buyer. Water damage will scare off many buyers, but not all of them.

Listing your home on the market is a quick way to blast out your property to the entire market. Most homebuyers will be owner-occupants that prefer a turnkey property.

Quickest Way to Sell My House with Water Damage

sell my water damaged house

Depending on the severity of the leak or flood, selling a water-damaged home to a house flipper is your best bet. Real estate investors and house flippers look for properties that need to be repaired. They enjoy the process and make money by fixing up homes and reselling them. Your property could be the perfect candidate after flooding.

If you have wondered how to sell my house with water damage, begin your search with local investors. Yes, the moisture damage will affect their offer. That is expected. But at least you’ll have someone that can confidently buy your damaged home without flaking. Dealing with a damaged home is not easy!

House flippers may already have plans to replace the drywall and finish the basement. Damage from water and moisture won’t stop them one way or another.

Selling to a house flipper is the quickest way to get rid of your damaged property. They will likely do a walk-through of the property to inspect the current condition. If you have thought that I need to sell my house with water damage, a house flipper will be your best bet. They typically pay in cash and close quickly.


Disclose Water Damage When Selling the Property

Make sure that you disclose all information that you presently know about the water situation in your home. Selling a water damaged property is easier if you tell the truth from the beginning. Backtracking will cause you to lose time unknown things arise later.

Disclose your knowledge about the extent of damage to your home. The more specific, the better. If you can tell a buyer everything, they are less likely to back out on the deal later.

Sell a water damaged house with confidence by finding a local house flipper. Flippers and investors will be your most interested buyers. Go fishing where the fish live! Selling your house with water damage is possible by connecting the dots.