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Real estate agents play a vital role in making a house appealing to potential buyers. Especially during bad market conditions, agents go the extra mile to help a house sell quickly to please the seller. Does that mean that real estate agents pay for cleaning services? Oftentimes, cleaning can become a point of contention between the agent and seller as to who pays for it.

Let’s dive into the intricacies of who foots the bill when it comes to getting a property spick and span.

Should Real Estate Agents Pay for Cleaning Services?

The idea of real estate agents covering the bill for cleaning services might sound odd to some. Typically, the responsibility of ensuring a house is clean before showings or open houses lies with the homeowner. However, there are instances where agents may offer to cover cleaning expenses. Especially if it can make the difference between a sale or a potential buyer walking away. People like clean homes!

It’s not an industry standard for agents to cover cleaning costs, but it’s not entirely uncommon either.

In a competitive market, an agent might view the expense of cleaning as a necessary investment. A home that shines can draw higher offers, and a small cleaning fee might yield significant returns. Again, this is not an obligation, just an extra mile some agents might choose to go.

Reasons Why Agents Might Cover Cleaning Costs

There are specific scenarios where a real estate agent may choose to cover cleaning costs. It’s never fun to pay for expense home-selling expenses. However, sometimes it feels necessary.

Disgustingly Dirty Home

If a home is vacant, there’s a chance the previous occupants left it in poor condition. Agents can take the reigns and bring in cleaners to make things more attractive to buyers. Yes, you could ask the seller. BUT what if they seller doesn’t care or realize how gross their home is?

In this case, the real estate agent may feel obligated to pay for cleaning services. Realtors would rather pay to clean the place up and have it actually sell vs waste their time on a low-quality listing.

Luxury Homes

In luxury property markets, an agent might cover cleaning services to present the property in the best light. A clean home ensures it aligns with high-end client expectations. Bigger homes are harder to clean since there is more space.

Certain real estate agents will want to take matters into their own hands to make sure the home is actually presentable. Again, most real estate agents want to avoid a listing that will be hard to sell. Deeply cleaning a luxury home can help ensure that homebuyers will make offers and it will sell.

Short-notice Showings

Another scenario might be during rushed or short-notice viewings. To ensure the house looks its best, agents might hire cleaners, considering the tight timeframe. They view it as a minor investment in the larger picture of sealing a lucrative deal.

Win Over a Seller and Get the Listing Agreement

If you – the real estate agent – need to separate yourself from the pack, throwing perks at sellers can help you secure a listing agreement. Offering to pay for staging, photography, and cleaning can help encourage a homeowner to choose you when selling a property. Out of those three, professional photos is the most common expense paid by real estate agents vs sellers during a home sale.

Split the Cost of Cleaning with Realtors

Sometimes, both the agent and homeowner don’t want to pay the full cost of cleaning. The costs involved to sell a home add up! Cleaning is just one piece of the pie that not everyone wants to pay for. If there’s a standstill for who will pay for a deep clean, owners and realtors can split the expense.

It’s a win-win! The property looks great for showings and both parties share the financial responsibility. Especially if your real estate agent works for multiple brokers, their bosses may consider paying for a higher percentage of the split cost. This could help lower the cost for the homeowner.

Agents and homeowners split cleaning costs only if they are on the same page. If they don’t see the importance offering a clean house for buyers to move into, it won’t happen. A real estate agent and seller don’t always see eye to eye. Plus, cleaning costs can be expensive for larger homes. Both parties can have skin in the game if they split the cost. Discuss this upfront and come to an agreement that benefits both sides.

How Often Do Agents Pay vs. Homeowners?

More often than not, homeowners are responsible for ensuring their property is clean for showings. After all, they’re the ones selling their homes and stand to benefit the most from a successful sale. However, there are instances, as mentioned earlier, where agents might chip in.

Note, if you pay for cleaning, don’t feel obligated to give a bonus to your agent after closing. They’ll make their money on the commission once the property is sold.

Overall, determining who pays for cleaning services during a home sale can be market specific. In some markets, it might be rarer for agents to cover cleaning costs. In others, especially high-end markets or competitive areas, agents may be more willing to invest in cleaning.

Who Really Pays for Cleaning Services

real estate agents pay for cleaning

While it might seem like a generous gesture for an agent to cover cleaning costs, remember that agents make a commission on the sale of the property. If a minor cleaning expense leads to a quicker sale or a higher selling price, they stand to gain. In essence, the costs might be indirectly passed on to the seller through commission structures.

However, this shouldn’t be viewed negatively. Both the agent and the homeowner have a shared goal of selling the property at the best possible price. If both parties deem cleaning essential to achieve this, the investment is worthwhile. If you want to show your realtor some love, feel free to purchase them a small gift. Around the holidays, giving an edible gingerbread houses as a gift can bring nearly anyone joy.

Tips for Negotiating Cleaning Fees with Your Real Estate Agent

Open Dialogue: Always initiate an open conversation with your agent about the condition of your property. If you believe cleaning services are necessary, discuss who should bear the costs. Consider not cleaning certain items to save on costs.

Do Your Research: Understand the average cost of cleaning services in your area. This knowledge will help during negotiations.

Consider Splitting Costs: If your agent is hesitant to cover the full expense, suggest a cost-sharing arrangement. This compromise can benefit both parties.

Benefits of a Clean Property for Showings

A clean property is like a blank canvas. It allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the space. Even investors can see the future potential of renting out the property to a tenant. It enhances the house’s appeal! Dirty carpets or stained walls can be turn-offs, diverting attention from the home’s actual potential.

Also, a well-maintained property can translate to higher offers. Buyers often equate cleanliness with overall maintenance. If a family sees a spotless home on Zillow, they will assume it has been well cared for. Whether the homeowner or the agent pays the cleaning bill, the ultimate goal remains to make the property irresistible to buyers.

Average Cost of Home Cleaning Services

Determining the average cost of home cleaning services is tough. Cleaning rates vary based on location, size of the property, and the type of cleaning required.

Unites States homeowners typically spend $125 for a standard home cleaning session. However, deep cleanings or specialized services can increase the costs significantly. Rates are also influenced by regional living expenses, frequency of service (a one-off deep clean versus regular maintenance), and the cleaning company’s reputation.

Expect to pay closer to $500 for a deep cleaning, depending on your home’s size. Get multiple quotes from cleaning companies and read reviews to make sure you’re getting the best service for your money.

How Clean Should Your House Be Before You Sell It?

who pays for cleaning services

The cleanliness of your house is crucial to how potential buyers perceive its value. Before selling, your home should ideally be in the best condition possible (AKA spotless).

How clean is very clean?

Every room, corner, and crevice should be cleaned, decluttered, and staged to appeal to the broadest audience. As a homeowner, you’re not just cleaning for yourself or for guests, but also buyers. Will they view your home as a worthy investment? The state of cleanliness can significantly influence a buyer’s decision (and offer amount).

Don’t skimp out on cleaning carpets, polishing hardwood floors, and shining windows. Additionally, clean the bathrooms thoroughly. The cleaner the better! If you think that buyers may question how dirty a certain area of your home is, you should likely clean it. Even if your realtor only splits the cost with you. While real estate agents don’t always pay for cleaning services, it’s an important part of the home-selling process.

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