We Buy Houses Companies Legitimate or Scam

Sadly, there are countless scams in the world of real estate. However, not all we buy houses companies are bad. It is easier for real estate companies to create online profiles and act like they are legitimate. Yikes! We buy houses companies are getting good at pretending. A nice-looking website is sometimes all it takes to convince a seller to call a company. Are all we buy houses companies legitimate or a scam? No. SD House Guys have been operating as a professional homebuyer for +7 years in San Diego CA. It’s important to work with a trusted and credible real estate company. The good ones are out there, you just have to know where to look!


How to Know if a We House Houses Company is Legitimate

It’s important to fully vet a real estate company before deciding to sell your property to them. We buy houses companies have popped up throughout the country in droves. They claim to purchase properties within a few days and offer cash to homeowners in exchange for a quick transaction. While there are legitimate we buy houses companies that offer this, you should vet and verify a company before working with them.

When verifying if a we buy houses company is legitimate, start by checking out their online profiles. This includes places on the internet where real estate companies should have branded profiles, such as:

There are countless other online platforms to verify if a real estate company is legit, but this list is a good start. The goal of your research is to look if a we buy houses company is currently on these platforms, how active they are, and if they have any reviews from homeowners. If you stumble upon a company with zero reviews in all of these places, that’s a good indicator that they are not legitimate. They are necessarily a scam, but they clearly aren’t active within the real estate space.

Reviews can also be extremely telling of how legitimate a we buy houses company is. Do you see loads of bad reviews from unhappy homeowners? This could be a red flag! Tread lightly around real estate companies with bad reviews. They could be scams waiting to happen. Company reviews are also a great indicator of how they operate. As a homeowner, you can learn a lot from vetting a real estate company online and checking out their reviews.


Real Estate Scams to Look Out For

Now that we know how to determine the legitimacy of a we buy houses company, here are some real estate scams to look out for. First, make sure that the company you are dealing with is actually local. There are plenty of homebuying companies that say they are based in an area but are not. Additionally, there are national real estate companies that purchase homes throughout the country. However, although they have an online presence, that doesn’t mean they can help you with a real estate issue in your area. This could very well be a scam.


We Buy Houses Signs: Scam or Legitimate?

Another scam that is seen more in the physical world versus online are we buy houses signs. Also known as bandit signs, these displayed pieces of marketing from we buy houses companies can be scams. However, this is not a hard rule to go by! Some of these signs are placed by legitimate companies. How can you tell the difference between legitimate signs vs. scams? Do your best to analyze the sign before calling it. If the sign looks shanty, that could mean it’s a scam.

From here, you’re next best bet in verifying if a we buy houses sign is legitimate is to call the number. Once they tell you which company they work for, Google them. Does the homebuyer come up on Google? If it does, you can go through the same steps as before to verify if the we buy houses company is legitimate or a scam.

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