Can You Transport a Hot Water Heater Laying Down

Ever found yourself staring at your hot water heater wondering if it’s okay to move it on its side? Well, you’re not alone. Determining if you can transport a hot water heater lying down isn’t a clear answer unless you’ve done it before. Moving a hot water heater while it’s sideways can damage it if not done properly. Let’s uncover how to move this essential home appliance without causing a flood of problems.

Transporting a Hot Water Heater Horizontally is Risky

Transporting a hot water heater isn’t like moving a couch. These appliances are a little more high-maintenance – and for good reason. In short, lying them down can lead to unfixable damages. For example, internal components of the hot water heater, like the gas valve or electric elements, can break if laid down on its side. Additionally, the insulation can shift, affecting performance once it’s upright again.

Prepare to Move a Hot Water Heater

Before you make a move, drain the hot water heater. This isn’t just for weight reduction, but also to prevent any remaining water from wreaking havoc on internal components. Next, carefully disconnect all attachments. If you’re placing the hot water heater into your mobile home, be careful on the stairs. Remember, this isn’t a race—patience is key to keeping your heater in good shape.

How to Safely Transport Your Hot Water Heater Laying Down

  1. Drain the tank: Any water left can cause damage.
  2. Disconnect and secure: Gas or power supply, lines, and pipes should be safely disconnected.
  3. Cushion and support: Place padding on the sides and between any moving parts.
  4. Lay on the side: If it’s unavoidable, gently lay the heater on the side, preferably on a non-abrasive surface.
  5. Steady as she goes: Transport the heater with minimal jostling.

Consequences of Unsafely Transporting a Hot Water Heater

Unsafely moving your heater could lead to leaks. Yikes! Even worse, it can lead to the hot water heater malfunctioning. Safety can be compromised if the appliance has been knocked around enough to damage connections or controls.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time. Poor handling of hot water heaters leads to a significant number of water heater malfunctions. Water heater failures can cost around $4,500 to repair on average. Don’t add to that statistic.

Tips for Protecting Your Hot Water Heater During Transit

Use straps to keep the heater stable. If you’re using a dolly, make sure it’s strapped to that as well. Don’t stack items on top of it, and always have a buddy system. It’s a heavy item, and you’ll want that extra set of hands for balance and support.

Checking Your Hot Water Heater for Damage

Once your move is done, inspect your hot water heater for any damages. Listen for rattles, look for dents or cracks, and smell for gas leaks if it’s a gas heater. Reconnect cautiously! Make sure to follow all installation guides when doing this. Keep an eye out for leaks when you first fire it up. You’ll wish that you could open an insurance claim on the piece of property if it’s completely broken after moving it. It’s not a bad idea to have a professional look at it briefly to give you peace of mind.

Lay Your Water Heater Down Safely During Transport

Transporting a hot water heater horizontally is not an ideal situation. If you don’t do it safely, the water heater can break. Then you’re stuck with a broken appliance and cold water. Many homeowners get tired of the entire process, throw their hands up, and get rid of everything. For those who need to sell their house quickly, contact our team today.

Be cautious when laying a hot water heater on its side during transport. It’s possible but must be done with care. Hot showers depend on it!

We buy houses with damaged appliances, such as malfunctioning hot water heaters. If you want to throw in the towel and get rid of everything, give us a call today.

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