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As an Airbnb host, welcoming guests from different corners of the world into your property can be exciting and nerve-racking. With potential risks like property damage or unruly tenants, it’s understandable to feel anxious. If you’ve been having sleepless nights over this, you’re certainly not alone. Roughly 30% of Airbnb hosts had reported damage to their property by guests. Thankfully, there are simple precautions you can take as a vacation rental landlord to protect your property.

Let’s dive into these 10 potent strategies that will help you tenant-proof your Airbnb property and prevent damages from guests.


1. Thoroughly Vet Your Guests

Taking the time to verify your guests is your first and most important defense. Airbnb provides a robust platform that helps you screen your potential guests before they even step foot on your property. You have access to past reviews, verified identification, and you can also engage them in conversation.

Ask about the purpose of the visit, planned activities, and clarify expectations. Doing a bit of detective work at the beginning can save you from potentially messy situations later on. Remember, it’s okay to decline a booking if something doesn’t feel right.


2. Add Durable Furnishings

One of the most practical ways to tenant-proof your Airbnb is to equip it with hard-wearing furniture and robust appliances. Materials like solid wood or metal can withstand heavy use from tenants and guests. Although it can feel like a substantial investment initially, durable furnishings can drastically reduce how often you need to replace items or repair them.

That will save you money as an Airbnb host tenant-proofing your property. Avoid delicate items, such as glass center tables or fragile ornaments, which are easily damaged or broken. Don’t set your Airbnb up for being destroyed.


3. Stain-Resistant Materials

Upholstery and floorings are often the first to bear the brunt of mishaps by tenants. Why not armor your Airbnb property from guests with stain-resistant powers? For upholstered items, choose materials like microfiber or leather, which can resist staining and are relatively easy to clean. Floorings are another area to consider.

Tiles or vinyl flooring are known for their durability and ease of cleaning. This makes tenant-proofing your Airbnb home a breeze. Not only do these choices ensure longevity, but they also maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property. Save money as an Airbnb host by not having to fix damaged items throughout the property. Use that extra cash to pay down the mortgage on your Airbnb home.


4. Implement a House Rules List

A detailed list of house rules sets the expectations for Airbnb guests from the get-go. Think of this as your written agreement with your short-term tenants. Don’t be shy – cover all the bases. For example, include Airbnb house rules like:

  • Noise levels
  • Non-smoking policies
  • Check-out procedures
  • How to use appliances
  • Pet policy
  • Number of guests
  • Parties

Remember to display the rules in a visible place and also share a digital copy with guests at the time of booking. Many vacation rental rules require this list to be posted in the property. When it comes to your Airbnb property, prevention is always better than cure. Taking these precautionary steps not only ensures that your property remains in top shape for longer, but also contributes to a smoother hosting experience. Tenant-proofing your Airbnb property is much easier with a set house rules list that guests can reference.


5. Secure Valuable Items

When trying to Airbnb your house, be sure to secure valuable items in the property. Your house could be filled with items that have sentimental value or are high in monetary worth. It’s important to protect these valuables when you’re hosting guests.

If an item is truly irreplaceable or expensive, consider removing it from the property during a guest’s stay. For items that need to remain, consider investing in display cases that lock or even a home safe. Not only will this keep your belongings secure, but a safe can also act as a feature that guests can use to secure their own valuables. This tenant-proofing Airbnb strategy adds an extra layer of trust and security to a guest’s stay.


6. Regular Maintenance Checks

Even with the most careful guests, wear and tear is inevitable over time. Regular maintenance checks are key to preserving the condition of your property. Keep an eye out for minor issues like loose knobs on cabinets, leaky faucets, or the occasional crack in the wall. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent them from turning into significant, costly problems.

Certain cities enacted short-term rental laws for Airbnb requiring a property manager to make regular check-ins. Make sure to also check all electrical appliances regularly to prevent accidents. With this regular attention to detail, you’ll be sure to catch any potential problems before they escalate and ensure your property always stays in top-notch condition.


7. Install Surveillance Cameras (in Public Areas Only)

Surveillance cameras can serve as a strong deterrent against property damage. When guests know they’re being monitored (in public areas), they are more likely to treat your property with respect. Install cameras in exterior locations like entrances, driveways, or gardens.

Although this tenant-proofing tip is effective for Airbnb properties, make sure to respect your guests’ privacy and abide by Airbnb’s rules. Cameras should never be placed in private areas such as bathrooms or bedrooms. Always disclose the presence of security cameras in your listing to maintain trust with your guests and avoid potential legal issues.


8. Professional Cleaning Services

Maintaining a spotless Airbnb isn’t just about impressing guests with sparkling countertops. It also preserves the life of your property. Deep cleaning your Airbnb can reduce long-term wear and tear. Plus, the cleaner a place looks, the more likely guests are to take care of it.

Professional cleaners can also help identify any damages or issues that you or a guest might have overlooked. This allows you to address them promptly, maintaining the high standard of your property. As a bonus, cleanliness directly impacts your reviews on Airbnb – better reviews mean more bookings.


9. Use Airbnb’s Security Deposit Feature

One of the most straightforward ways to protect your property financially is by using Airbnb’s security deposit feature. It acts as a safety net, covering you in the event of any damage caused by guests. By charging a reasonable security deposit, guests are likely to be more mindful of how they treat your property.

Remember to communicate the existence and purpose of the security deposit to your guests before they finalize their booking. Establish mutual respect and accountability between you and your Airbnb tenants. It’s a small step that can make a big difference in the overall safety of your Airbnb property.


10. Get Insured

Last but certainly not least, consider getting insurance coverage specifically designed for short-term rentals. While Airbnb provides a Host Guarantee program, it’s not a substitute for insurance. With the right insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in case of any major damage or liability issues.


Tenant-Proof an Airbnb Home

Tenant-proofing your Airbnb property may seem like a daunting task, but it’s financially worth it. Create that peace of mind for yourself as an Airbnb host and protect your home. You can tenant-proof a house with these simple steps. In the case that your property falls into bad shape, consider trying to sell your property to another landlord. They can oftentimes see the cashflow potential in an Airbnb.

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