Signs That Your House Will Sell Fast

Do you ever get a feeling that something isn’t going to work out the way you want it to? For homeowners wondering how quickly their properties will sell, this is a common thought. Trying to sell your house fast can feel like a game of chance. However, certain factors can indicate whether your home will be sold quickly or not at all.

Let’s uncover seven telltale signs that your house won’t stay listed for long.

Good Signs Your House Will Sell Quickly

1. Low "Days on Market" for Nearby Listings

When nearby listings are on the market for only a few days before going under contract, it’s a great sign your house will sell fast. Low DOM (days on market) means there is high buyer demand. If your property is similar to others that sold nearby, expect a very quick transaction.

Days on market is a useful metric that accurately reflects the time from when a property is listed to when it goes under contract. A lower average suggests that properties are being snapped up quickly. This is a good sign from home sellers! Low DOM are impacted by factors like desirable location, competitive pricing, and demand for the area.

2. Bidding Wars

Witnessing bidding wars on other properties in your area is a telltale sign of a seller’s market. This competitive atmosphere starts with a shortage of available homes (supply). Then, a flood of high buyer interest hits the market (demand).

  • Less Supply and More Demand = Quick Home Sales

These economic factors push real estate prices upward. This is a great sign your home will sell fast. There are not enough houses to meet the demand from buyers. Professional house buyers will be battling it out with traditional homebuyers to try to get their share too. This creates frenzies of bidding wars, which is a strong indicator your house will sell fast.

3. Increased Population and Demand for Housing

A growing population in your area can lead to increased demand for housing, making it an ideal time to sell. How does a population grow out of nowhere? Well, here are a few factors that impact both population and the real estate market:

  • New job opportunities
  • Educational institutions
  • Lifestyle attractions

If you witness massive population growth, it’s a good sign your house will sell quickly. As more people move to your area seeking homes, the demand can drive quicker sales and potentially higher offers for your property.

How do you know if this sign is truly happening around you? First off, you can search online for population growth in your area. That will tell you whether to expect a rush for housing demand. Additionally, if you see new real estate developments happening around you, that’s a great signal that your property will sell very fast. Real estate expansion indicates a healthy local economy, which is great when owning property in that area.

4. Receiving Sight Unseen Offers

Signs Your House Will Sell Fast

Receiving offers before potential buyers even set foot inside your home is a surefire indicator of a hot market. This can happen when your listing photos and descriptions are compelling. Give credit to your real estate agent for these enticing marketing efforts.

Another reason buyers offer ‘sight unseen’ is because the demand for real estate is so high in the area. It’s their only option to secure the property and edge out the competition. Maybe the home is more unique or larger than others next door. Properties can be so large that the owners need two different internet providers to get WIFI to each end. Either way, when a buyer is confident, they will give a sight unseen offer. These are great signs that your home will sell extremely fast.

5. Getting Offers Without Contingencies

In a typical home sale, offers come with contingencies. These potential deal killers, such as home inspections or financing approval, can cause a home sale to collapse at the last second. However, if you’re receiving offers without such conditions, it’s a strong sign that you’ll sell the property in no time flat. Buyers are willing to take the risk to make their offer more attractive in a real estate market where selling is easy.

6. Your House Stands Out

If your house is in better condition compared to other homes in your area that have recently sold, it’s likely to be a major selling point. Buyers are generally willing to pay a premium for homes that are move-in ready and require less maintenance. This advantage becomes even more pronounced in a market where most available properties need significant work. When it’s your nicer property than others, that is one of the strongest signs your house will sell fast.

7. Receiving Backup Offers

Receiving backup offers, even after you’ve accepted an initial offer, signifies intense buyer interest in your property. Floods of these offers occur in highly competitive real estate markets. Buyers are fighting to secure a position ‘just in case’ the initial deal falls through. As a seller, this is music to your ears!

Having multiple backup offers provides a safety net and confirms that your house will sell quicker than others. Whether you live in a safe area or somewhere with a high crime rate, getting multiple backup offers is a good sign! Your house should sell super fast in that case. 

Does Your House Need to Be Perfect to Sell Fast?

Absolutely not. Your home doesn’t need to be the most perfect one on the block to sell fast. Condition plays a role but it’s a make or break when there is high demand for housing in your area.

All buyers are different – not all of them need a perfect home. If a home isn’t perfect, some homebuyers will see it as untapped potential. Imperfect houses can sell just as quickly as ‘perfect’ ones.

What Houses Sell Fastest?

Signs That Your House Will Sell Quickly

Is there a certain type of house that sells way quicker than the rest? Of course, certain characteristics can make a house more appealing. For example, a brand-new jacuzzi would make most buyers extremely eager to get the keys directly at closing so they can go home and enjoy the property. Is that the only secret sauce indicating that your house will sell faster? Here are three key factors to consider:


There’s no questioning that the style of a house affects its appeal. Certain styles may be in higher demand in your area based on current trends. For example, mid-century modern homes may sell faster in an urban setting, while farmhouse styles might be more desirable in rural areas.

Bill Gassett, a Massachusetts realtor and owner of Maximum Real Estate Exposure, stated “Architectural style is important for buyers who plan to live in a home for many years. A home with a great layout and appealing features will be easier to sell because of higher demand. But you can’t rely solely on what you think the style of an area is. Architectural preferences are dynamic. We must change with the times to stay relevant and flow with the demand.”


The size of the house is another factor that affects the speed of a sale. Generally, houses that align with the average buyer’s needs in your area will sell faster. This usually means homes that are not too small or large. It’s a good sign when your home falls right in that sweet spot of what local buyers prefer.


Lastly, the condition of your house plays a giant role in its salability. A turnkey property that doesn’t need much to make it look nice will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Note, this doesn’t mean your home needs to be perfect! However, if yours is in nicer condition than the one down the street, it’s a good sign that your house will sell fast.