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Selling your house fast can be necessary in today’s fast-moving real estate market. Whether you’re trying to take advantage of a hot market, moving for work, or dealing with life changes like divorce, knowing how to quickly sell a home is important. Not all homeowners have time to wait for buyers to get their mortgage approved by a lender to close the deal. Additionally, listing your property on the market with a realtor can also add months to the real estate sales process. For those who have wondered how to sell my house fast, you are in for a treat.

This guide will teach you how to speed up the selling process and sell your house fast in 2023.


Is It Possible to Sell My House Fast

Yes, you can sell your house fast without sacrificing on price. However, there are several things homeowners should know first. You must understand the real estate market, know what makes your house appealing, and learn how to attract buyers fast. The speed of your sale depends on whether it’s a seller’s or buyer’s market.

Also, the location, condition, and special features of your house matter a lot. Quick selling requires careful planning. Always remember, getting a good price for your house is as important as selling it quickly.


3 Ways to Sell Your House Fast

sell house fast

Quick home sales are very possible in today’s real estate market. Hopeful sellers can talk to a cash house buyer one day and receive an offer within minutes. That’s the incredible speed possible when you know the secrets of selling a house fast! Cash is king. Experience cash buyers can typically close quickly – they are oftentimes the missing link to selling a home fast.

Quick sales don’t mean compromising on price (phew). With the right strategy, you can still receive a strong cash offer for your home and say goodbye to your property faster than you ever imagined. The dream of starting anew in a different location doesn’t have to be delayed. In 2023, homeowners can sell a house faster than ever before.

1. Sell My House Fast Without a Realtor

A common route to sell your house fast is to go without a realtor. This strategy, often called “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO, gives you direct control over the process but also places all responsibility on your shoulders. It means you’ll have to handle all aspects of the sale, from marketing and showing the property to negotiating and handling paperwork.

When trying to sell your home fast with a realtor, become familiar with market pricing, negotiation strategies, and local regulations. You don’t want to enter a real estate transaction unprepared. Title companies, escrow agents, and insurance companies all move quickly once the home sale process is started.

Another bonus when you sell a house fast is the potential savings on commission fees for sellers. The closing costs paid by the seller are drastically reduced when there’s no real estate agent commission. You save 5-6% on fees right off the bat when working directly with a cash house buyer.

2. Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer

One of the quickest ways to sell your home is with a cash buyer. These are usually real estate investors who are willing to buy property ‘as is’, eliminating the need for renovations or repairs. Cash transactions typically close faster than traditional mortgage-based purchases since they bypass lender involvement.

Keep in mind, however, that cash buyers are typically looking for a good deal, which means you might not get the same price you could from a traditional sale. Nonetheless, if speed and convenience are your primary concerns, this route can be a viable option. You save money by selling to a cash buyer on the following items, which usually make it worthwhile:

  • Reduced closing costs
  • No cleaning fees
  • No repair costs
  • No home inspection
  • Zero realtor commissions

3. Sell Your Property FSBO

Selling your property FSBO (for sale by owner) can be a viable option to sell your house fast. This is essentially a subset of selling without a realtor, with similar advantages and challenges. You may not get cash for your property by selling it this way, but it may still be fast.

It requires the same diligence as selling without a realtor, but it can also provide a quicker path to sale if you’re comfortable handling all aspects of the transaction yourself. You’ll have to market the property, vet potential buyers, negotiate the price, and handle the closing process. Trying to sell a house fast and by owner is doable but will require lots of your time.


Sell My House Fast Versus Listing It: The Benefits

sell my home fast

Trying to sell your house fast, as opposed to listing it, comes with several benefits. Firstly, it can significantly speed up the process. Listing properties on the MLS (multiple listing service) with a realtor can take months to actually find an end buyer.

Plus, when you list a home on the open market, cleaning is almost always required. While certain agents will tell you it’s not 100% required, they will also say that if not, your home could sit on the market. Making a home “market ready” includes cleaning, repairing damages, and taking professional photos of the property. Do you really want to do all of those steps without a guaranteed buyer at the end of the process?

Instead of listing, you can sell your house fast and save months of time. Eliminate waiting times for buyer mortgage approvals and home inspections. Additionally, home sellers get greater control over the selling process, allowing them to bypass realtors and save on commission fees. However, it also means taking on all the responsibilities that a real estate agent would typically handle.

Another opportunity prior to selling your home that works exceptionally well in depreciating housing markets like San Francisco and Cook County is appealing your property tax assessment value. Appealing your tax assessment value in a depreciating market can translate to lowering your property tax, and save you thousands of dollars a year in property taxes. This benefits potential buyers and provides them with a compelling value proposition to potentially push them over the fence and purchase your property.

You’ll have to be proactive in marketing the property and negotiating with buyers. If you’re up to the task, the potential savings and speed can be quite appealing. The key is to find a reputable cash buyer to sell your home fast. The home buyer, along with the title company, will ensure that the home sale process is quick and smooth.


Paperwork Involved When You Sell a House Fast

To get the process of selling your home quickly, you’ll need to sign a purchase agreement with the cash buyer. This is typically a short contract that puts everything in writing and starts the process. Once the purchase agreement is signed between you (the seller) and the cash buyer, you can pass the signed document to the title company.

The title company will “open up title”, which means the party has started. They run a comprehensive title report on the property, pulling a history of your home. If you have any liens or judgments tied to the property, that will show up and they will be addressed before the close of escrow. Work with your cash buyer when reviewing the title report to ensure a fast home sale and smooth closing.


Should I Sell My House for Cash

Consider the several advantages that you get when you sell a house for cash. Cash sales in real estate often mean quicker closings, which can be completed in as few as 7 to 10 days. This is compared to the standard 4 to 7 weeks for traditional financing. Yikes! That’s a huge difference in the speediness of closing.

If you sell your house for cash, there’s no waiting for the buyer to secure a mortgage. Cash is liquid and fast! Plus, there’s no worrying about the deal falling through due to financing issues. Selling your house for cash also allows you to bypass many of the typical selling costs such as inspections, appraisals, and agent commissions. This means more money in your pocket when you sell!

Cash house sales are typically ‘as is’, eliminating the need for costly repairs or renovations before the sale. You can save both time and money selling to a cash buyer. It’s hard to deny these benefits for those looking to sell quickly and without added hassles.

Selling to an Investor: Why It’s Important

Cash investors provide a valuable market for those wishing to sell their homes fast. As cash buyers, they offer the advantage of quick closings and often accept properties ‘as is’. That means homeowners don’t have to worry about painting the exterior, renovating the kitchen, or cleaning the basement.

Not having to repair your home before selling is huge! Cash buyers also save you from the time-consuming process of listing your property. When trying to sell a property on the market, you need to stage open houses and then wait for the right buyer to come along. Cash investors often have experience with complex real estate situations, like foreclosures or short sales. If title issues arise, they can likely help you push through it and still close on the deal.

What Cash House Buyers Are Like?

Cash house buyers are typically investors seeking potential properties for rental income, flipping, or other investment strategies. They are often more flexible than traditional buyers, which is a plus for sellers. Cash buyers are prepared to deal with properties in any condition. That’s why they purchase homes as-is.

Investors are willing to take on a property with structural issues, outdated design features, and other problems that might deter typical buyers. If you don’t think your property is suited for listing it on the market, cash buyers are your ticket to a successful home sale. The flexibility speeds up the sales process tremendously. Sell your house for cash to an investor if you want a low-stress real estate transaction.

Are We Buy Houses Companies Trustworthy?

We Buy Houses companies are a type of cash buyer. While most are reputable, it’s always important to research any potential buyer. Look for testimonials, business records, and ask for referrals to ensure you’re dealing with a trustworthy organization. Remember that while trying to sell fast, protecting your house and financial interests is paramount. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and request references before making a decision.


Why Sell to a We Buy Houses Company

sell a house fast

We Buy Houses companies can offer a fast, efficient route to selling your house. They typically buy homes ‘as-is‘, which can save you time and money on repairs or renovations. Plus, their cash-based approach means faster closings.

We buy houses companies are particularly helpful if you need to sell quickly due to a life event such as a divorce, job relocation, or financial difficulties. However, just like with any other sale, it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure you’re working with a reputable company and getting a fair deal.


Paying Cash for Houses is Easier

Cash buyers know that real estate is competitive. They do everything that they can to edge out the competition (aka other home buyers). To stand out, these buyers pay cash for houses instead of using a mortgage. This enables their contract to close sooner, which saves you (the seller) time and money. Cash offers are the strongest ones you can receive!


Selling Your Property As-is

Selling your property ‘as is’ is way better than fixing it up yourself. Can you imagine replacing the entire roof and flooring throughout your home prior to selling? Yikes! The only way to sell your house fast is without fixing it. Avoid spending time or money on home renovations. Cash buyers will purchase your home as-is. Plain and simple, that’s the easier way to sell property in 2023.

Keep in mind, selling as-is can sometimes mean a lower sales price. When you factor in the costs and potential delays associated with home improvements, selling as-is usually still makes the most sense for a quick sale.


Trying to Sell a House for Cash in Today’s Market

In today’s market, trying to sell a house for cash is becoming more popular. Cash sales close faster and are less likely to fall out of contract. There is no bank involved that’s waiting for the buyer’s mortgage to be approved before closing. With way fewer cooks in the kitchen, cash home sales are always smoother.

Cash buyers move quickly and don’t waste time, which is nice in a congested market. Plus, the uncertainty surrounding the economy can make selling a home challenging. Cash home sales provide a level of certainty that financed sales do not.


Sell Your Home for Cash With Ease

Selling your home for cash can ease the selling process by eliminating the need for lender approval, reducing paperwork, and providing a quicker closing. The process is generally much simpler and more straightforward than a traditional sale. There are fewer contingencies and potential for delays.

You won’t have to worry about a buyer backing out due to financing issues or demanding costly repairs based on a home inspection. However, it’s essential to understand that a quick cash sale often involves selling at a discount. Therefore, you need to balance your desire for speed with your financial objectives.


3 Reasons to Sell Your House Fast

It’s common to have different reasons behind your need to sell a house fast. Life is throwing different things at different people constantly. Cash buyers are the best way to quickly sell your home regardless of the scenario. Even when a property is going through the complicated process of probate, cash buyers will consider it. Here are several reasons that you may need a quick home sale. These are known as “The 3 D’s” of needing to sell your home fast.

1. Downsizing

One common reason to sell your house fast is downsizing. Whether you’re empty nesters or just trying to simplify your life, selling your house quickly can help you move to a smaller, more manageable home. Downsizing can help reduce living costs, decrease maintenance responsibilities, and provide a more efficient lifestyle. Note, that it also requires careful planning to ensure you maximize your current property’s value and find a suitable new home that meets your needs.

2. Divorce

During a divorce, dealing with your house is stressful. To ensure a swift and efficient division of assets, many couples choose to sell their house fast. This can help both parties move forward more quickly and avoid prolonged negotiations. Seek legal and financial advice in complicated situations to protect your interests.

3. Don’t Want to Live There Anymore (Moving)

Moving to another town (or state) often requires you to sell your house fast. The next chapter of your life awaits! Speeding up the selling process can help you move on and settle into your new home sooner.

It can also provide the financial resources you need to secure your new property and cover moving expenses. Remember, while moving can be an exciting new chapter, it’s important to manage the transition effectively. Avoid moving stresses and maximize the return on your property when you sell it fast.


Sell a House Fast: Things to Know

sell home fast

Should I Clean Before Selling My House?

Yes, cleaning your house before selling can make it more appealing to buyers. Even when selling ‘as is’, a clean home gives off a good first impression. When selling on the market to owner-occupant buyers, this is essential for getting offers. Plus, a deep cleaning can help reduce odors and highlight the selling features of your home.

Do you NEED to clean your home before selling it to a cash buyer? NO! SD House Guys will buy your house as-is, without you dusting off anything. The dirtier the better when we buy houses.

Should I Do Repairs Before Selling My House?

Deciding if you should do repairs before selling your house depends on your timeline and the property’s condition. If your house needs significant repairs, consider selling ‘as is’ to a cash buyer. On the flip side, if the issues are minor, fixing them could increase your home’s value before selling on the market. For those looking for the path of least resistance, hold off on renovating and sell your house for cash to an investor.

Determining What Price to Sell Your House For

Pricing your home accurately is important when selling. If your property is priced way too high, you could scare buyers away. If priced low, you’re probably leaving cash on that dinner table. Compare similar properties in your area and consider your home’s condition. That can give you an idea of what your home is worth before selling it. Once your property is priced accurately, you can sell your house fast to a buyer as a win-win situation.

Can I Sell My House with Liens?

Yes, you can sell a house with liens, but it can complicate the process. The lien will need to be paid off at closing. The escrow company will order mortgage payoffs at closing. They use the funds from your net seller proceeds to pay off your remaining mortgage balance.

Do you have any other liens tied to your property? With most liens, you can still sell your house as-is. Find the right cash house buyer and they won’t care about much in terms of the property.


Cheapest Way to Sell a House Fast

The cheapest way to sell a house fast is typically through a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) transaction. This means you are working directly with a cash house buyer. Plus, you to avoid paying realtor commissions. This saves thousands of dollars!

However, don’t forget that selling a house involves other costs, such as closing costs, home repairs, and potentially even marketing costs. In addition, selling a house for cash to an investor can also be a relatively cheap option. Skip the marketing campaigns and sell your home for cash to a local investor. Especially, if it needs major repairs.


How Quickly Can I Sell My House?

The speed at which you can sell your house depends on various factors. For example, these can affect how quickly you can sell a property:

  • Condition
  • Location
  • Desired price
  • Occupancy
  • Age
  • Existing damages
  • Current real estate market

Decide what’s more important to you – speed or price. When you sell your house to a cash buyer, the process is quick. Close of escrow is done in weeks if not days. Listing your property on the market is usually 45-60 days minimum! That’s a huge difference. Selling your property FSBO can also take longer because you still need to market your home and find a buyer.


The Best Website to Sell Your House Quickly

There are several online platforms that can help you sell your house quickly. Zillow, Redfin, and allow you to list your home online. This is becoming more popular among home sellers. The brand names are big, which helps you reach a wide audience of buyers.

Although the big names are helpful, the service that sellers receive isn’t always great. Plus they can tack on hidden fees. Websites like cater specifically to sellers looking for quick, cash sales. SD House Guys not only purchases houses, but we buy land for cash too. Each of these options has pros and cons. Determine how you want to sell your house fast and commit to it with confidence.


Sell My House Fast for Cash

Trying to sell your house fast for cash helps sellers who need money quickly or don’t want to waste time. Listing your home can take months with no guaranteed offer. Regardless of the home-selling strategy that you select, review the company first. Online reviews can be very telling when it comes to cash house buyers. If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast for cash, contact SD House Guys today for a quick offer.

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