Install Solar Panels Besides Your House Roof

Fortunately for homeowners, solar panels are no longer confined to rooftops alone. People are flexing their creative muscles and finding other sunny places to install solar besides their house roofs. We are becoming more environmentally conscious as the placement of solar panels has evolved. Harness the energy from the sun to create a sustainable home for yourself. You can power your entire house with eco-friendly electricity by installing solar in different spots around your property.

Today, we explore five alternative locations for solar panel installation beyond the conventional house roof.

Solar Panels Don’t Have to Go on Your Roof

When homeowners think of solar panels, the first thought for a location is usually a house roof. Is a roof the only spot where you can install a solar panel? No! With advancements in solar technology, solar panels are finding their way into a variety of unconventional locations. Harness solar energy through alternative spots outside of your house’s roof.

You can even place a solar panel on top of your dog’s head! Just kidding…

Where Can You Install Solar Panels Besides Your House Roof?

Install Solar Panels Besides House Roof

Solar panels are worthwhile to install at your home, even if you avoid the main roof. Making a home eco-friendly adds value to it. If you have thought that ‘I need to sell my house fast‘, environmentally friendly features will help you find a buyer in no time. Homebuyers love saving money and energy! The home-selling process is easy when your property comes equipped with solar panels.

Exploring alternative locations for solar panel installation can increase the amount of energy you save at your place. If you have a tiny roof, don’t give up. Beyond the traditional house roof, there are tons of viable options to add panels and start saving on your utility bills. Each of these locations has its unique advantages. Some maximize sun exposure and look nicer. Determine where you can install solar panels besides your house roof and contribute to a greener planet.

1. Side of Your House

Homeowners in urban areas – where roof space is scarce – are getting creative and installing solar panels on the sides of their houses. Vertical solar panel installations on the sides of buildings are a smart solution for homes facing north. They can still capture a huge amount of sunlight. This alternative installation spot is also handy for those with roofs that don’t have much sun exposure during the day.

These side-mounted panels can be arranged in various patterns. Why not make your solar panels look great while capturing sunlight and saving money? This approach is useful in densely populated areas too. Vertical installations can even be more efficient at capturing sunlight at different times of the day compared to traditional rooftop systems! Don’t sleep on the side of your house when it comes to installing solar panels in spots besides your roof.

2. Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Installations

Ground-mounted solar panels are a decent alternative for homeowners with zero roof coverage but big yards. You’ll need to set up panels on frames or poles anchored to the ground. Access to an open field or a backyard is key to ground-mounted solar panels.

One huge advantage of this location is the adjustability. Unlike roof-mounted systems, these panels can be angled precisely for the best possible sun exposure. Plus, you can adjust them throughout the day! Ground-mounted solar panels are easy to maintain, clean, and keep running compared to ones permanently attached to your house roof.

3. Solar Carports

Why put panels on your house roof when you have an unused carport space? Solar carports are an effective way to make your property eco-friendlier. These structures are designed to provide cover for vehicles while the rooftop is equipped with solar panels. This dual-purpose solar panel setup is appealing because it does not require additional space for installation.

Solar carports can be installed in residential driveways or commercial parking lots. They not only protect your vehicle from the elements but also generate clean energy. Additionally, you can add charging stations for electric vehicles within your solar carport. Collect sustainable energy and charge your Tesla all while not using your house roof for your solar panel installation.

4. Solar Panels on Your Barn

Barns, often located in open, sunny areas, are a great place for solar panel installation. Barn roofs are typically large and face the sun. It’s uncommon to see one covered by trees or in the shade. For people living in rural farm areas, tap into your barn’s potential for sustainability! Unique features, like a solar barn, can increase the value of a property. Don’t be surprised if your property appraisal is much higher than the existing loan tied to your house when adding this feature.

5. Solar Garage

Garages, both attached and detached, are another excellent location for solar panel installation. Like barns, garage roofs often provide a large space for solar panels. If your house roof isn’t ideal, consider installing solar on your garage. Similar to carports, you can charge your electric vehicles through this setup. Your solar-powered garage serves as a sustainable charging station, which benefits the planet, your pocket, and your car.

Best Location to Install Solar Panels

Although we covered some creative places to install solar panels besides your house roof, the best location is exactly that. In most cases, your house roof is the most ideal location for solar panel installation. As long as this spot receives uninterrupted sunlight for the longest period of the day. If this description fits your home’s roof, go with that.

For homeowners looking outside their primary roof, look for an installation location with these factors:

  • Clear southern exposure in the Northern Hemisphere
  • Clear northern exposure in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Free from shade caused by trees, buildings, or other structures
  • Strong sunlight exposure during peak hours
  • Efficient angle and tilt for the panels

Professional solar installers can provide valuable insights into the best placement for your solar panels.

How Far From the House Can Solar Panels Be?

Solar panels don’t have to be installed directly next to your house. However, the distance varies depending on your property layout and electrical infrastructure. It’s not uncommon for panels to be installed several hundred feet away, especially in rural areas! The main factor is having a proper electrical connection between the panels and your home’s power system. Sometimes, homeowners must run underground cables for the electrical wiring to work well.

Can I Power My Entire House with Solar Panels?

sell house with solar panels

Yes, it is possible to power your entire house using solar panels. The capacity to fully power a home depends on several factors. For example, your home’s energy consumption, the efficiency of the solar panels, and the availability of sunlight all play a role. You can power your entire house without even having the panels on top of your property. Leverage these creative places to install solar panels beside your house roof to make your home more energy-efficient.