What Qualifies a Legal Bedroom in California

What Qualifies a Legal Bedroom in California

Every inch counts when it comes to qualifying what a legal bedroom is in the state of California. If your home is legally considered a 2-bedroom but has the potential for 3, that can drastically impact its value. Fortunately, even without a closet, your room is considered a legal bedroom in California. There are specific […]

6 Undeniable Reasons Why a Cash Offer is Better for Sellers

Why a Cash Offer is Better for Sellers

Trying to get a cash offer for your house is what many homeowners aim for when selling their properties. In 2024, sellers are expecting faster services and better terms. They no longer want to sell their home on the market, watch it sit for months, and get lowball offers. Enter stage left, the cash offer. […]

Ultimate Guide on How to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Time is a valuable currency when running your real estate business. Whether you are a professional homebuyer, real estate agent, or somewhere in between, having help helps! That’s where a real estate virtual assistant (VA) steps in. Real estate VAs offer a lifeline to professionals who are swamped with paperwork, client communications, and endless to-do […]

How to Transfer Insurance Policies Between Your Old and New House

Want to Know How to Transfer Insurance Policies Between Your Old House and New Home In Record Time

Are you about to move home? Congratulations! This is likely to be an exciting – but exceptionally busy – time. With everything else you have to do to prepare for the move, thinking about transferring insurance policies from your old to your new pad can easily slip your mind. Keep this task firmly near the […]

Cost of Living Comparison: California vs. Texas (2024 Update)

Comparing the Cost of Living California vs. Texas

With the rise of remote work opportunities, the US is experiencing a major relocation trend, especially on the west coast. The year 2022 alone has seen around 102k Californians moving to Texas while only 42k Texans relocated to California. While several factors contribute to this shift, the cost of living is probably the most compelling […]

How to Airbnb My House in Oceanside: 2024 Short-term Rental Laws

Airbnb my house Oceanside

With new short-term rental laws to navigate, figuring out how to Airbnb a house in Oceanside CA is complicated. Beginning on June 19th, 2019, if you rent a unit (or room) out for <30 days, it is considered a short-term rental in Oceanside. Becoming a successful Airbnb host is harder due to the new city […]

8 Surefire Ways to Tell if a Home Buyer is Serious (or not)

How to Tell a Home Buyer is Serious

The home-selling process is filled with highs, lows, and uncertainty. If your property is located in an area with high demand, you’re probably expecting to receive tons of offers and for things to be easy. This is both a blessing and a curse! Why is that? Sadly, not all home buyers are very serious. There […]

Is It Hard to be a Real Estate Agent: The Truth Uncovered

Is It Hard to be a Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent can be a challenging yet rewarding career choice. With over 3 million active license holders in the United States, the industry is crowded. Is it hard to be a real estate agent? Undoubtedly, yes. Being a real estate agent requires hard work, dedication, and the ability to navigate various challenges. […]

5 Empathetic Ways to Fire a Real Estate Agent

how to fire real estate agent

Firing someone isn’t a pleasant task. In the high-stakes world of real estate, sometimes it’s necessary. How do you know when it’s the right time to fire a real estate agent? Well, if they are making multiple mistakes that are costing you time and money, that’s your first sign. 20% of real estate transactions were […]

What Does DOM Mean in Real Estate

What DOM Means Real Estate

Understanding the nuances of real estate terms can make a huge difference in your buying, selling, or investing journey. One key term you’ll often encounter is “Days on Market” (DOM). This simple metric offers a wealth of insight into the real estate market’s ebb and flow. When looking at the days on market of a […]