7 Ways to Visualize How Big a Half Acre of Land Is

How Big Is a Half Acre of Land

Measuring land solely with your eyeballs isn’t easy. Many real estate investors wonder how big a half acre of land is. It’s helpful to know the exact size of a half acre of land before investing in it. Fortunately, this ultimate guide to land measurements will help you decipher how large a property actually is. […]

Decoding What DOM Means in Real Estate

What DOM Means Real Estate

Understanding the nuances of real estate terms can make a huge difference in your buying, selling, or investing journey. One key term you’ll often encounter is “Days on Market” (DOM). This simple metric offers a wealth of insight into the real estate market’s ebb and flow. When looking at the days on market of a […]

Can I Transport a Refrigerator on Its Side?

Can I Transport a Refrigerator on Its Side

You’re planning to sell your home fast and will be moving to another place with a ton of appliances. Unfortunately, bulky kitchen appliances, like refrigerators, are not easy to move. Like moving a hot water heater, movers must proceed with caution when transporting a fridge. You might be wondering, “Can I lay the fridge down […]

Can You Transport a Hot Water Heater Laying Down?

Can You Transport a Hot Water Heater Laying Down

Ever found yourself staring at your hot water heater wondering if it’s okay to move it on its side? Well, you’re not alone. Determining if you can transport a hot water heater lying down isn’t a clear answer unless you’ve done it before. Moving a hot water heater while it’s sideways can damage it if […]

Can I Sell My House with an Open Insurance Claim?

Can I Sell My House with an Open Insurance Claim

Trying to sell your house with an open insurance claim is not impossible. Claims tied to a property do add another layer to the home-selling process. However, they do not prevent you from selling. There are tons of details regarding insurance claims to navigate. Each situation is unique and comes with different timelines. Here, we […]

4 Protective Home Security Tips to Keep Your House Safe

Home Security Tips

Protecting your home with proper security features is key to sleeping peacefully at night. The world is a scary place with crazy people out there. Homeowners want peace of mind that their home is secure. Home security is much more than simply locking your front door or turning on your alarm system. Sadly, there is […]

Top 7 Reasons Why a Mortgage is Denied After Pre-Approval

Why Mortgage is Denied After Pre-Approval

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage can feel like you’re on the home stretch to owning your dream home. The homebuying process is already stressful enough! Despite the initial green light, certain factors can flip that “Yes” to a “No” when it comes to mortgage approvals. Before you start picking out paint colors, don’t get caught […]

7 Affordable Kitchen Renovation Ideas When on a Budget

Kitchen Renovation Ideas When on a Budget

Revamping the kitchen at your house doesn’t have to require a massive budget. Believe it or not, it is possible to renovate a kitchen affordably. A combination of creativity and effort is all you need to transform your cooking haven. Avoid giant remodeling ideas – they are extremely expensive. The repair costs will creep up […]

Are Real Estate Agents Becoming Obsolete?

Are Real Estate Agents Becoming Obsolete

In the future, will real estate agents become obsolete?  Although they play a crucial role in real estate transactions, that can change. As technology continues to disrupt the real estate industry, there are growing concerns about the future relevance of realtors. Without question, there will continue to be a wave of disruptive technologies and competition, […]

How to Deal with Nosy Neighbors: Privacy Protection at Home

deal with Nosy Neighbors

Dealing with nosy neighbors is a challenge. Do your neighbors peak their heads over your fence one too many times? Privacy, especially at your home, is key to feeling comfortable where you live. Sadly, you can’t just put your house back on the market and leave in seconds. It’s not that simple! When dealing with […]

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